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Author: Berfu Balcı

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Date of Publication: 15/12/2022

By transforming your life into “smart consumption,” you start using products or services to answer your basic life needs.

To start the subject, we first need to know what smart consumption is. In today’s world, we buy things in an uncontrolled way. This might be because we are exposed to it; whatever the reason, we are doing something wrong for the environment. By transforming your life into “smart consumption,” you start using products or services to answer your basic life needs. Basic needs here don’t refer to having a miserable life; it is using what you “need” in life but nothing more. Mentioning it might be easy, but is it effortless to make it happen?

How to Consume Smartly

With the economic, political, and global changes, people started becoming more conscious about life. Hence, responsible consumption began to gather speed. On the other hand, as a society, we still buy things without an aim, as a force of habit. To refrain from that, there are more than one ways to implement intelligent consumption in life. Responsible consumption doesn’t mean buying things with the lowest price; it is the searching process that leads to buying what someone really “needs” in their life. While shopping, it is crucial to clarify the need. Do we benefit from that product or service, or do we “want” it because it aesthetically looks good, and we think it will make us feel good? A lot of people fall into that trap and buy things while they are emotionally unstable. This is no good since emotional purchases usually lead us to buy things that make us happy for a moment. Our bodies can be tricked with fundamental reward perception. Shopping is one of the ways of tricking our bodies, it releases dopamine, and we have a fake happiness perception. It is not accurate, permanent, and also not good for the environment. So, what do we do? We leave our phones behind when we are emotionally unstable to refrain from unnecessary purchases.

The most important thing is to be aware.

The most important thing is to be aware. Aware of the companies that sell products that are clean and green. Find companies like that and support them, buy from them so they can get bigger, and reach out to more crowds. Also, be aware of the advertisements new media tries to sell since it is their job. However, it might also be bad for the environment’s sake. Companies might influence people by promoting all the attractive sides of the product to encourage them to buy something they don’t need. Be aware.

Last but not least, recycling. Recycling has a lot of different layers and a lot of information that needs to be reviewed. However, if you already had to buy something that is not “green” or “good for the environment,” you can try recycling. As it is known, environmentally, recycling plays a significant role in the chain, so why not join and be useful for our world?

How to Promote Smart Consumption on Social Media

Nowadays, consumers use social media to help them decide what they need or want for their lives. At that point, influencers have a critical impact on consumers. It makes all the difference when they choose to go green and use their presence to influence more on “going green.” They can promote the secondhand industry; some influencers promote “zero waste” on their social media and talk about refraining from using disposables or nonbiodegradable products daily. They talk about how they keep implementing these habits in their lives or which products/brands they prefer to use to help their journeys. When influencers like these arise, brands feel more obligated to change and keep up with the world, leading to something better for the environment.


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