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Updated: Dec 15, 2023

The author of this article on encouraging smart consumption is Berfu.

Author: Berfu Balcı

Date of Publication: 15/12/2022

Smart consumption is the action of only buying and using products or services that you really need.

To start the subject, we first need to know what smart consumption is. In today’s world, we buy things in an uncontrolled way, which is bad for the environment. Adopting a “smart consumption” in life then means that you only buy products or use services that you truly need. Easier said than done? Well, let’s see what you can do to make it happen effortlessly.

Why do we consume impulsively?

With the economic, political, and global changes, people started becoming more conscious about life. Hence, responsible consumption began to gather speed. On the other hand, as a society, we still buy things without an aim, as a force of habit. To refrain from that, there are a few things we can do, hence implementing intelligent consumption.

Reward perception

Responsible consumption doesn’t mean buying things with the lowest price; it is the searching process that leads to the identification of what someone really “needs”. Therefore, while shopping, it is crucial to clarify the need. Do we benefit from that product or service, or do we simply “want” it because it looks good and we think it will make us feel good?

What happens when we consume impulsively

A lot of people buy things when they are emotionally unstable because they think it will make them feel better. In reality, this only lasts for a moment. The happiness feeling happens because our bodies get tricked with a reward perception. In other words, when we buy something, dopamine is released. This neurotransmitter then signals our body that something is good for us. There we feel better! However, this feeling is not permanent, and our actions surely are harmful to the environment. So what can we do?

One of the most important things in the implementation of smart consumption is to be aware.

How to implement smart consumption


The most important thing is to be aware. Aware of the companies that sell products that are clean and green and those multinational companies that don’t. Also, be aware of their advertisements. Companies are good at influencing people to buy their products or services by promoting the attractive sides only. This persuasion tactic might lead you to buy something you don’t need.

No phones

Another thing to do to improve sustainable consumption is to leave your phone behind when you are emotionally unstable. This is because it only takes a click to make a purchase you don’t need when the internet is so freely available everywhere you go.


Lastly, second hand and recycling. Recycling has a lot of different layers, but if you bought something and you no longer use it, you can try to recycle it. Environmentally, recycling plays a significant role in the chain, so why not join and be useful for our planet?

How to promote smart consumption

The role of influencers

Nowadays, most people use social media as a tool that helps them in their purchasing decisions. Influencers play a key role in this. Indeed, it makes all the difference when influencers choose to go green and they use their presence to influence more people.

Some influencers promote the secondhand industry; others promote “zero waste” on their profiles. Some of them also talk about the cons of using disposables or nonbiodegradable products daily, and they mention which brands they prefer to use to help them in their journeys toward sustainability.

When influencers like these arise, other brands will feel more pressured to adopt similar values and keep up with the changing world. This could eventually contribute to healthier industries and consumption.


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