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Creative economy and intellectual property

Updated: Feb 7

Ana Maria Kos  is the author of the article titled: Creative economy and intellectual property

Author: Ana Maria Kos

Publication: 05.08.2023

Creative industries have many roles beyond creating innovative products. In fact, they often represent creative freedom, but increasingly serve as a business strategy. So, intellectual property laws are important for every part of the creative industry.

Main focuses

Intellectual property is a topic of great importance. That’s why the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) works on the improvement of intellectual property laws. In particular, WIPO supports the development of sustainable creative sectors and it prepares businesses for competition in global markets.

Moreover, it contributes to cultural, social, and economic growth. So, it’s important to understand the dual capacity of intellectual property.Specifically, it refers to the perspective of both the potential owner and the user of intellectual property. So, different creative industries trigger different IP rights and require different strategies.

Intellectual Property and Marketing

group of people working on intellectual property

Something that allows marketers to easily introduce their products to the public is definitely part of intellectual property rights. For example, we are talking about patent and trademark protections. If a product is patented, it gives the business the right to remove similar products from the market. This makes it easier for marketers to focus on how to introduce their product instead of worrying about their competitors.

Trademark protection gives businesses exclusive rights over logos, names, slogans, designs, and so on. Actually, it protects the reputation and image of the brand by preventing others from commercially exploiting the brand. What’s more, a trademark can help customers recognize the product in the market. So, by having trademark protection, businesses can ensure that the public receives a message consistent with the quality of their products.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to have a solid understanding of intellectual property law before marketing your product for commercial purposes. When it comes to copyright, marketers often have a good grasp of the extent of copyright law in relation to marketing materials. However, using creative works that are not free from copyright or from the creator/author, can put your business at risk. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that the creative works you are using are either free from copyright or they have permission for commercial use.

Considerations about intellectual property

Awareness of intellectual property is nowadays necessary due to the increasing presence of content marketing, as well as other forms of creative products.Also, it is extremely important to keep in mind that intellectual property is treated differently from country to country in the context of legal regulations. Therefore, it’s crucial to follow world trends and changes regarding this topic. This way, you fully protect the intellectual property of all members involved in the creative process.


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