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B2B Marketing and Twitter: A Winning Couple?

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

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Author: Pierluigi FARAONE

Date of publication: 15/04/2022

In the last few years Social media continues to be the main player in the marketing game. A characteristic example is that in 2020 their power was recorded above other distribution channels, such as email, blogs, media etc. Therefore, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn influence the functions of B2B strategies. In our case, we will deal mainly with Twitter. This social media channel is not only about the social fun, complaints and dissing. Apparently, it’s also the second most influential social media channel in B2B marketing.

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Where is B2B marketing on Twitter today?

It is easy to think that LinkedIn has the primacy in this field. This is because it was born with the aim of generating business relations, to create links and to forge links that can generate profits. It’s not the only one, though. In a 2020 report of the Content Marketing Institute in which we record the use in B2B marketing of the last 12 months, B2B on Twitter is in second place. More specifically, it appears with a percentage of 86%, even more than Facebook. Another report by “We Are Social” allows us to understand the same, namely that Twitter can be the second social network used for the creation of marketing content (after LinkedIn of course). Specifically, it has 353 million users reached with adverts only in 2020. There are also more than 500 million tweets sent daily. Who said that Twitter is just for fighting?

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Who are you talking to?

At the top of the priorities there is definitely the necessity to define the target. Who are you addressing? This is the key question to which it is necessary to know how to reply. Considering that Twitter covers the entire global landscape and that it is able to filter around 300 million users, it will not be difficult to find buyer personas.

What is your brand awareness strategy?

Generating awareness around your brand is not always easy. So you need a good B2B twitter marketing strategy to make your brand’s message and mission strong and clear. The clearer the message, the more chances you have of turning potential customers into leads. This happens through the promotion of specific, authoritative, timely content. Doing so, it is Twitter itself that places the company as a possible leader in its sector. Once the brand is recognized as reliable by Twitter, trust me, there will be plenty more opportunities to form relationships. In addition, this social network has the power of the hashtags. This means that if you use the right b2b twitter strategy, you’ll see that you’ll be at the top of your customer searches.

Engagement: Is it important?

After identifying the target and creating full awareness you need to win the trust of your customers. How to do it? Simply, creating engagement. Twitter offers you the opportunity to answer requests or concerns of customers in an absolutely timely way. This happens through monitoring mentions and hashtags, trying to offer a customer service worthy of note. Therefore, it is not by chance that many companies decide to use this social network to offer excellent customer care service.

A tip: Always use a fresh, immediate, synthetic language

Twitter is the social of brevity and immediacy. For example, you can use only 280 characters in your posts. So the more you can be incisive, the more you will appear in users' searches.

How important is the role of competition?

We have already talked about mentions, hashtags, sentiment, content. These functions also give rise to the analysis of competition. You can instantly check where you stand in relation to your competitors by monitoring, not only to see if your content is perceived positively, but to understand where you are wrong and how you can improve. You know, comparison with others is always a good method of growth.

In the end, why Twitter?

These are the b2b twitter marketing strategies that can be used using the means granted by Twitter. But why choose Twitter? The answer is given by Jack Dorsey: “This social network stands out from all the others mainly for the trends, the ability to discover the most important events of the day around the world, and the ability to interact through hashtags, tweeting about that event”. So you have the opportunity to compare and discover the opinions of people. Apart from that, they can make a summary of what the ideas are about or against. Moreover, they can note how the people of the network consider some topics important rather than others. So,this is an added value for marketing. After all, creating strategies about what people are interested in, is not the role of marketing itself?

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In recent years, as we know, the rapid technological inventions have completely changed marketing. There is no longer the product at the center of the business, but the consumer and therefore the customer. It is crucial that through any platform (especially through a social) all possible attention goes on satisfying customer needs. Also, evaluating the competition and always trying to raise the bar of expectations are vital. From all this, we can conclude that without a tool like social media, a business cannot take off.


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