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Avatar Videos in Marketing

Updated: Feb 5

The author Elisa Alessandroni of the article:"Avatar Videos in Marketing"

Publication date: 20.09.2023

Companies are investing huge amounts of money in the development of Artificial Intelligence across various fields. For example, medicine, industrial production, transportation, services, marketing and more. Their goal is to increase profits and improve their entire business.

Customer experience

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that learns and adapts behavior based on previous experience. In fact, in this way it attempts to simulate human capabilities. Therefore, Artificial Intelligence solutions can be applied to marketing strategies to actuate business improvements. Besides that, they improve customer experience or create new business models.

What is an Avatar?

A virtual representation of a human being

An Avatar is a virtual representation of a human being, and it can be used in different fields.

One of the most famous applications is in the world of gaming. There, players can create one or more avatars in a fantastic world to interact within a fantastic virtual environment. Generally, we define an avatar as any virtual representation of a user in an online community. Recently, at least 7 million people have created avatars on the Yahoo platform.

Does Avatars help marketers?

In marketing, an “Avatar” refers to a representation of a brand’s ideal customers. This helps a business in various ways.

1. Segmentation

Businesses can easily segment their target audience into groups with different features to know what they like and what they don’t.

2. Product Development

Understanding the needs and preferences of avatars can guide product development efforts. The first step before starting the development is to ask, “what are the needs of our potential customers”? So, once this question is answered, development follows.

3. Channel Selection

Avatars are important for channel selection because they can offer information about their favorite communication channels. For example, if an avatar spends more time on Instagram, then we will allocate most of the budget on the Instagram channel.

Avatar Videos in marketing

In recent years, companies have started using Avatar videos to convey marketing messages or promote products and services. For the company there are several advantages of using Avatar Videos.

Advantages of Avatar Videos

1. Avatars match audience’s preferences

Marketers can create an Avatar that matches the preferences and demographic of the target they are dealing with. In this way customers feel more part of the company and involved about this.

Due to the impression management theory, individuals can influence other individuals and inspire and motivate others. In the same way, individuals and companies create avatars to influence and reach new customers.

2. Avatars are more cost-effective

The second advantage is that creating an avatar is more cost-effective than hiring real actors. So, the company can reduce costs while increasing customer satisfaction.

3. Avatar Videos and step-by-step instructions

Avatar videos can provide step-by-step instructions such as product tutorials for clients, or fitness workout videos, or makeup artistry tips.

Avatar:  a representation of a brand’s ideal customers

But is this right that technology has human features?

We are currently witnessing the anthropomorphization of technology due to making social interaction easier. So, do we ask ourselves if it is right that technology has human features? Opinions on this matter vary.

Some argue that the similarity with humans can simplify the interaction and engage the customer. They could feel more familiar with the Avatar. But on the other hand, someone could feel alienated by the similarity with the avatar. The choice is yours!


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