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Artificial intelligence in 2024

publication date: 12/03/2024

2023 was a pivotal year for artificial intelligence. This technology has, in fact, abandoned forever a niche dimension to land in a decidedly more mainstream dimension. So, what should we expectfrom 2024?

As has emerged from some research, first of all we will have to find Google, which is ready to landwith several innovations on the market in the field of artificial intelligence. Moreover, what in 2023 was only experienced, could become the rule already at the beginning of the year.

For example, AI-generated video and music compositions, which have been characterized by flawsand imperfections to this day, could find specialized applications where these flaws do not pose an obstacle.


The evolution of artificial intelligence

As we said earlier, understanding AI decision-making is critical to gaining trust in people. In 2024, therefore, we will see significant progress in the transparency of technological decision-making.


Advanced techniques and methodologies will make it possible to clearly explain why an algorithmhas made a specific decision. This transparency will be of great importance for adoption in criticalareas, such as the health and legal sector, where understanding AI is critical.


This will revolutionise key sectors such as manufacturing and the financial sector, where robots willwork alongside humans to increase efficiency across businesses.

Security will also be very important. As cyber threats increase, artificial intelligence will play a key role in detecting and responding to these threats. Systems will be able to detect anomalies that couldsignal potential security threats, thus helping to protect data and systems.


The impact of AI on various sectors


As artificial intelligence increases, so do the sectors affected by it. These include:

Health: Artificial intelligence will enable assisted diagnosis and personalized treatments, improving medical care.

Cybersecurity: Artificial intelligence will protect data and systems from cyber threats.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA): The financial sectors will see increased efficiencythrough automation.

E-commerce: Artificial intelligence will personalize the customer experience, improvingproduct recommendations.


The problems related to artificial intelligence


Despite the evolution of artificial intelligence, in the coming months, you may encounter problems. In fact, investors' expectations may be a negative impact on the artificial intelligence sector. The great attention that has been created so far around technology has pushed several companies to invest huge amounts. Another problem concerns products that have so far achieved little success.


Trends that will change society


The first change that is expected will be in the world of work. Artificial intelligence, in fact, willchange the human-machine dynamics in the workplace, emerging as a fundamental collaborative partner in different sectors.


The second change concerns the evolution of generative artificial intelligence.  If the "first generation" of this technology has focused on specific skills, such as writing texts or creatingimages, in the next twelve months we will witness the advent of multimedia systems, characterizedby the ability to perfectly process and integrate different types of data, such as text, images and audio between them. This will facilitate more natural and intuitive interactions with users.


Finally, the third change concerns the regulation of Artificial Intelligence. The deployment of this technology requires robust and constantly evolving legislative frameworks. 2024, could see this trend develop towards a complete and harmonised regulation of Artificial Intelligence in different parts of the world, which will allow to give shape to a more responsible and secure panorama of Artificial Intelligence globally




In conclusion, we can say that 2024 should be a crucial year for artificial intelligence. This technology will undergo a crucial transformation that will also spill over to various sectorscompletely changing our vision of the world. From security to data analysis, the news will be incredible. Do not underestimate the trends, which will be crucial for change and evolution of the society. However, the risks and problems are around the corner and it is good to approach theseinnovations with caution.  Only time will reveal the true future of this new technology.


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