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A guide to customer surveys

Updated: Jan 23

The author Shaïna Peek of the article:" A guide to customer surveys".

Author: Shaïna Peek

Publication date: 15.12.2023

As a business, you want to meet the customers’ needs. In order to do so, feedback from customers can be very useful. For example, you can distribute surveys to listen to your customers’ voices, needs, complaints and expectations. Here is a guide to surveys. 

The importance of customer surveys

Profiling your customers 

Firstly, customer surveys can help you get insights into your customers. Data like age and gender can be collected. Additionally, specific customer wants and needs can be determined. In the end, this data can be used to adapt the marketing. By making more personalised marketing, you can grow your customer base. 

Relationship with customer

By handing out surveys, businesses make consumers feel included. Since the consumer can impact the business process, they feel included. This inclusion improves customer loyalty. So, customers are more likely to engage with your business again. This positively affects the company's success. 

Tracking progress

Tracking progress

By regularly handing out surveys, you can keep track of customer satisfaction. If there is a decrease in satisfaction, the company needs to improve on certain points. Also, the success of the company can be tracked. This positive progression can be used in marketing, as it makes consumers feel more secure to engage with the company.

Handing out surveys 

Creating a survey

To create a survey, multiple platforms are available. The easiest is Google Forms. Since it is free, the company does not spend additional money. In Google Forms, you simply create a survey. Subsequently, options are given for questions. For instance, they can be multiple-choice, with a scale, or allowing the participant to write down an answer. The results are automatically processed. Therefore, it’s easy to interpret the answers and make a conclusion. 

Making questions

As mentioned, multiple answer options are available. However, to appear more professional, a survey should hold a theme. Questions should be connected. So, it’s important to first establish a theme or subject. What do you want to find out? For example, consumer behaviour or the wants and needs of the target group. By establishing the subject, you can ask more in-depth questions. Thus, the results can provide immediate and clear solutions. 

Platforms for handing out surveys

Platforms for handing out surveys

Handing out survey links can be done through different platforms. Firstly, emails are the most personalised. People subscribed to the company email can receive the survey and give feedback. They have experience with the company, so their opinions can be insightful. Secondly, social media can be used. A link to the survey can be put in the bio. Then, more broad data can be collected from general consumers. As a result, this provides more information for the targeting of consumers and marketing.

How customer surveys help businesses

To sum up, surveys help with researching consumer behaviour. The targeting becomes easier and relationships with customers improve. Additionally, possible shortcomings in the business process can be found. 

To create a survey, multiple platforms are available, like Google Forms. By knowing your research question and following a theme, the survey will be cohesive and professional. Lastly, customers can give personal contact details like email to distribute the survey and for general research, social media platforms are helpful. 


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