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5 Best Stock Screeners in 2023

Updated: Jan 30

The author Patryk Grosicki of the article:" 5 Best Stock Screeners in 2023".

Publication date: 19.10.2023


Since individuals have recently become more aware of the benefits of investing, more and more people are looking for ways that make capital returns easier. Seeking profit chances through investment requires an understanding of financial markets cores, and technical or fundamental analytical methods.

Now, return on capital is available to a broader range of society thanks to stock screeners. This is extraordinary since it was previously practiced only by certain groups of individuals.

Here is a brief of popular, lack of fees stock screeners used by professionals and amateurs. Each of them is shortly characterized, with emphasis on specific pros or cons (if applicable). Thanks to them it is possible to make investment decisions more accurately.

5 Best Stock Screeners:

 5 Best Stock Screeners

1. Morningstar

Morningstar is a research organization that provides users with stock, index, and commodity market forecasts. This institution also allows for the analysis of mutual and exchange-traded funds. You can acquire a thorough examination of indexes you are interested in.

What’s more, Morningstar researchers evaluate stock exchanges and provide profitability scores to investors. You must first create an account before using the free edition of Morningstar. To unlock additional options and deeper research, you should consider purchasing the premium version.

2. Finviz

That is regularly included in roundups of the best free stock screeners. Interfaces may appear crowded or sophisticated at first glance, but once you start using this platform, using it is getting easier quickly. You are equipped with filters and options to make looking for desired investment opportunities more comprehensive. All you have to do is create an account, then you can enjoy a free stock screener.

3. Yahoo Finance

One of most popular free stock screeners, that allows you to utilize a wide range of filters, and options indicating investment occasions. Apart from these, it has a clean interface, and what is not commonly used, indicates sustainable ESG (environmental, social, governance) stocks. So, it provides users with access to screeners for futures, ETFs and mutual funds.

4. TradingView

It boasts one of the nicer user interfaces and a clean appearance. This is a good option for novices who don't want to be overwhelmed by too much information.

Trading market

Skilled day traders will still find a multitude of technical data to go through. TradingView also provides screeners for forex (or foreign exchange) and cryptocurrencies.

5. StockFetcher

Stock Fetcher may be the right tool for you if you need a robust stock screener. In particular, it includes over 100 indicators from which users can create their own stock filters

. The amount of data used by the platform may seem intimidating, but the site offers a handy User Guide front and center to help you get started. There are also various example filters available if you need some ideas before creating your own.

6. Investment journey

By using all above websites you can find it helpful in examining investment decisions once you are a beginner or professional trader. What’s more, using these platforms allows you to get a deeper sight in companies’ outlook and make investing moves more profitable and reliable.


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