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10 Benefits of doing a part-time job

Updated: Feb 13

Charleen from Vision Factory

Author: Charleen Hawra

Date of Publication: 08/05/2023

More and more companies nowadays tend to hire their staff for part-time positions. Over the past decade, the number of people working part-time has steadily increased. However, not only the companies but also the staff benefit from the advantages of a part-time position.

Part-time means that you work less than the full-time hours of normally 40 hours a week. So you work only 50% of a full-time position which is 20 hours per week. In what way is this beneficial though?

10 benefits of doing at a part-time job

1. More free time

Employees who work part-time have more time for their life besides gainful employment (e.g. hobbies, further education, commitment).

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2. More family time

Above all, a part-time job can serve as a benefit to many mothers and fathers. This is because they have time to take care of the children and the household. Yet a part-time job is not only beneficial for people with family obligations. Commuters, volunteers and working students would also be better able to balance their different areas of life in this way.

3. More flexibility

The working hours model offers more flexibility, as you can often divide your hours in the way that suits you best.

4. Reduced stress levels

Part-time jobs can reduce the amount of stress that you’re under because you may not be given the same level of responsibility. As a result, you’re able to create a better work/life balance.

5. Improved mental and physical health

Part-time employees are able to take more care of themselves and use their free time to improve their own well-being. Therefore, they appear to be happier and more efficient.

6. Higher motivation

Part-time work can also lead to increased productivity and reduced employee absenteeism. According to studies, the productivity of employees increases significantly when working hours are reduced.

7. Opening doors to new job opportunities

A part-time job can provide you with extra income if it is an addition to your main job. People who want to start their own businesses can also secure a fixed income with a part-time job.

8. Allocation of human resources

Employers also have advantages from part-time employment. Depending on the situation, part-time work can help companies better match human resources to actual needs. For example, if there is currently a decrease in demand, costs can be saved through part-time employment. In general, this makes it easier to respond to economic fluctuations and regulate personnel deployment accordingly.

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9. Social security

Another advantage of part-time work is that the employer continues to pay into the social security and pension funds.

10. Developing time-management skills

Compared to a full-time job, you may find yourself going through the same routine every day. However, with a part-time job, you can learn how to manage your time properly, which requires good time management.


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