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Why should brands use Pinterest to promote their business?

Updated: Feb 14

Ilona from VF

Author: Ilona Milostnaja

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Date of Publication: 13/06/2023

Pinterest is not just a social network, but also a search engine, where you can find content on a wide range of topics. In addition, you can get a wide range of potential new customers, who greatly appreciate Pinterest as a source of inspiration. Here brands get a unique opportunity to advertise themselves through visual search.


Why brands should go to Pinterest right now

Active users

As of the end of 2021, Pinterest ranks 14th among social networks in terms of the number of visits. In particular, it has about 460 million monthly active users. Likewise, Pinterest's advertising reach is just as wide. In fact, it allows you to reach an audience of more than 200 million people and increase your reach at no cost due to the growth of the company. Thereover, most Pinterest users find new products or brands there all the time.

Visual content

The site focuses on visual content. That’s why the relevance of publications remains much longer than on other sites. Posts published even a very long time ago continue to be displayed in the search results for key queries along with fresh publications.


This platform can be especially useful if your business targets an audience that loves and uses Pinterest. Historically, it has attracted women and people looking to buy or start a new project. Since 2021, Pinterest has become an increasingly popular network among men and Gen Z.

Website traffic

Pinterest can be a good and free source of website traffic. This site is trusted by search engines - publications are indexed by search engines and appear in the search results. Apart from that, users are willing to distribute posts with links if they have accessed the content, and links are also considered by search engines.

No hate

On Pinterest, there is no hate and obsession with the number of likes and reactions. It is much more comfortable to maintain your profile here. In addition, there is no such competition on Pinterest as on other networks. It's hard to be the best, but it's much easier to be the first.


Pinterest is a worthy competitor to other sales and promotion platforms. Another benefit of using Pinterest for business is to drive additional traffic to your site. On the platform, you can post exclusive content that will encourage users to visit the site.

As simple as it all sounds, Pinterest is a great way to engage with your audience. In the long run, this tool allows you to build a permanent audience. In addition, do not forget that Pinterest is a social network with which you can build a whole community around your brand. For example, by communicating with those who saved your images and using other ways to interact with subscribers.

So, you have time to go with your brand on Pinterest right now, while your competitors have not decided yet!


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