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What is the importance of living abroad?

Updated: 4 days ago

Author: Ahmet Deniz Yilmaz

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Date of Publication: 13/12/2022

Every year, around 1.4 billion people go abroad.

Every year, 1.4 billion people go abroad for different reasons. Some people travel around the world for business purposes, and others study abroad or have a holiday. The numbers are impressive in some cases, though. However, there are many who go abroad and don’t return to their countries. In fact, there might be many reasons for this, but they mainly focus on their desires to stay where they go. Thus, it isn’t possible to scale or guess the percentage of people who leave their countries and settle in another one. So, what are the reasons someone might decide to stay abroad?

Advantages of living abroad

  • It will be a process where you will realize that you can be alone for a long time. So, during this time, you will probably notice your own potential and capabilities.

  • You will leave materialism aside and give more importance to memories and experiences.

  • Seeing and tasting new things will increase your creativity and broaden your mind.

  • You will be friends with people who have nothing to do with you in terms of personality and you will learn a lot from them. In fact, you will accept that something different can also be interesting even if you don’t embrace others’ options, perspectives or way of life. Therefore, you will exert less criticism on others.

  • You will be a few steps ahead of the past in adapting to new conditions faster and more easily.

  • Your perspectives will be improved. Actually, you will evolve, and perhaps you will become a completely different person. Who knows? 😉

  • Your views of the world and the community will become more independent and open.

  • You will have friends from all over the world, so you can embrace their culture and way of thinking.

  • Doing nothing after returning to the nation will be frustrating, which will keep you active and productive.

  • Finally, change. Change is the subject that I want to emphasize the most, because people change, and we should change. Man has to change to improve, and living in abroad will change you and your mindset, no matter what and how.

  • I hope everyone gets a chance to go or at least study abroad for a period of time one day and exploits 100% all the positive aspects of this unique experience.

The importance of living abroad for your career

When you learn new cultures in new geographies, you accept differences not only in the workplace but also in daily life.

Your overseas experience not only helps you gain additional experience but also stay one step ahead when applying to international companies. What’s more, it allows you to have less prejudice towards the people you will work with. When you learn new cultures in new geographies, you accept differences not only in the workplace but also in daily life.

Living abroad will help build interpersonal skills and expand their academic career.

Another plus of living abroad is that when you meet people from different countries, you can consult them about your questions and problems. It is worth mentioning that this option is indirectly linked to a career. For example, you can ask your friends abroad for a requirement or a skill that is important to your career. So, even if they don’t have a definitive answer, they will guide you.

Last, living abroad is an indispensable reality for those who are considering an academic career. In particular, academics read scientific articles in the world and collect information from these articles for their research. Hence, it is almost like a rule for academics to write their articles and theses in one of the world languages. In fact, articles written in their mother tongue are insufficient in terms of effect and value.

The importance of living abroad for your health

A separate parenthesis on the importance of living abroad includes our personal health. As in every category, going abroad and knowing a language have an important place in health. In fact, language learning develops the brain's brows and keeps them healthy. The more the brain is used, the better it functions and your memory stays strong due to constant brain training. A new language isn’t enough. So, it is necessary to remember and apply this information continuously, and this prevents premature aging.

According to scientific results, language learning stops Dementia and Alzheimer's disease for at least four years. What’s more, it develops the brain's brows and keeps them healthy. The more the brain is used, the better it functions, and your memory stays strong because of its constant training. Yet a new language is never enough. Also, any foreign language you learn makes you hear better. Having a bilingual with your mother tongue provides more advanced listening skills. This is because our brains work harder to distinguish between different types of sounds in two or more languages.

Living abroad can demonstrates cognitive flexibility skills.

Lastly, being abroad and knowing at least one language makes it faster for people to switch from one job to another. Demonstrates cognitive flexibility and teaches skills such as adapting to unexpected situations. As a result, the importance of living abroad is undeniable. It sounds exciting to go or study abroad and make new friends from new cultures. But you can understand the importance of these examples after you return to your country, not after you live abroad and acquire these skills. I hope this article will be a guide for you, thank you for reading it.


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