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What is PPC and how is it used in the business market?

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Author: Yana Kolesnik

Date of Publication: 22/07/2022

In the modern world of online advertising you can find many marketing tools. Using them results in successful competition in the market and effective lead generation. In this article we will talk about PPC marketing and you will establish a basic understanding of how PPC can be implemented in business.

What is PPC in marketing?

To start with, this is the type of advertisement that is used in context marketing for promotion. Particularly in search engines like Google or Bing. Besides, it is also a payment model in internet marketing, when advertisers pay for a click on the ad. Thereby, click is considered to be a transition of the target user to landing page. The main goal of PPC is to attract more leads and to save advertising budgets. The expenses can be reduced as the algorithm excludes irrelevant traffic. Accordingly, advertisers pay not only for the number of impressions, but also for a certain type of target action. The key feature of PPC is the attraction of users from the target group and the first levels of the sales funnel efficiency enhancement.

How can PPC be useful for your business?

PPC ads in Digital Marketing

1. Saves your budget from unnecessary spendings

First of all, PPC can help to avoid useless acquisition costs due to precise targeting. Thus, the ad expenses are reduced as advertisers pay only for the click. What is more, if the ad saw a non-potential user and didn’t express an interest in promo, money would not be written off.

2. Helps to increase target traffic

Secondly, PPC makes it easier to grow target traffic. This can happen if your site or landing page focuses on value prepositions and products. So, users from the target audience can potentially become your clients.

3. Fast results of campaign

Finally, if you want to achieve fast results, this is an ideal option for you due to the specific nature of this method. Google paid search ads will start to generate traffic just after the launch of the campaign.

How can a PPC campaign be implemented by your business?

In spite of the obvious simplicity of this approach in promotion, it is important to know some slight differences about putting it into practice. To start with, all of this process is conducted in Google ads- the most popular pay per click advertising platform in the world.

So the following activities should be released to succeed in PPC promotion:

  • Conduct research for keywords - Crafting relevant PPC keyword lists is crucial as well as writing texts for ads. This is because it influences the of your ad appearance frequency in top positions.

  • Сonduct an accurate targeting in Google ads - It is important to show your ad to the potential client from the target group. This is why the features of key segments should be pointed out. In this advertisement system it is possible to target campaigns to a specific geoposition and also include age and genre.

  • Keep an eye on frequency of requests - The ad platform conducts a bidding auction to determine which ad can be placed higher in search results. The action is held automatically and takes place in a fraction of second. The ads with the highest bids get the highest placement in the results of search. Keeping track of your ad bids in PPC advertising will avoid you from wasting budget on too expensive clicks.


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