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Using your trust and authenticity to help society

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Caya from Vision Factory

Author: Caya Schomakers

Date of Publication: 03/04/2023

You may have seen it all over the news, the terrible disasters in Turkey and Syria. Many companies and brands have already started a campaign to help the inhabitants in Turkey and Syria. So, some examples are donating money or sending products to the disaster zones.

This disaster is only one of many. In fact, there is a need for a lot of support in many cases. Therefore, as a brand, you can have a big impact on society. Using your voice correctly can not only better your image but help the world get better.

How to build trust and authenticity between your clients and your brand

Reputation is a priority for your company. To establish it, your customers are a big part of this. Actually, your customers must trust you as a brand, however, this may be more difficult than you think. There is no one-size-fits-all formula to earn customers' trust, but some standard things can be used for all companies. First of all, listening to your customers and using their feedback is very important.

social impact, building company trust, brand authenticity

Moreover, you must strive for ongoing improvement. This can be done with the feedback given from your customers. This way, customers feel a part of the brand. Furthermore, you have to treat your customers with respect. You can do this by being transparent for example.

Lastly, showcasing your company values becomes a powerful tool. Crafting a statement that encapsulates the core principles of your company allows customers to glimpse what sets your brand apart in the broader context of trust and authenticity in society. This statement becomes a testament to the authenticity of your business and its commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

How to use your trust and authenticity to help society

At its heart, a brand can have a positive social influence. This can happen by producing products that consumers enjoy and using its company to generate employment. Social impact is no longer sufficient due to rising awareness among employees, clients, and investors.

social impact, building company trust, brand authenticity

There has been a sharp increase in the number of businesses involved in social and environmental issues. For example, they appear to be giving to charities. Corporate social responsibility is often used to go further in debt with the social impact of a company. So, CSR is a big topic in the current world and needs lots of time and research as it covers a lot of things.

You must ensure that social impact is true to your brand, purpose, and values if you want it to have an influence on your company. Many companies want to get engaged when a crisis occurs. However, it can be difficult to tell if it is genuine or for marketing purposes only.

While an initiative of a company’s campaign might be 100% for marketing purposes, it’s not worthless if it does help other people. However, if it doesn’t make sense for your business as an impact, it's irrelevant to the brand. So, search for charities or places to donate which match your company values and mission.

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