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Twitch: Kai Cenat officially broke the all-time record

Updated: May 31, 2023

Author: Dimitrios Tsiachtanis

Date of Publication: 14/03/2023

The purple platform

Twitch is a streaming platform where people (Streamers) offer content to other people (Viewers). In fact, they usually play games on-camera either competitively or for educational purposes or for fun. Also, there is a live chat that streamers interact with the viewers where they can only write and post tiny gifs or emojis. However they can’t send voice messages or post photos/videos.

Twitch, Youtube, Kai Cenat, streamer, IRL

Moreover, in the last few years Twitch is growing, and more people are approaching the platform. The “Just chatting” category was added where streamers chat, talk about problems or topicality and news or whatever they want. Also, IRL (In real life content), Esports, Creative, Music categories were added for diversity interests. What’s more, viewers can pay a subscription to channels or donate money with ways like PayPal. This way, they support the streamer so they can upgrade their equipment or buy more games to play etc. For example, with a subscription of 3.99€ you can unlock some channel emojis and some channel permissions. Last, you gain the right to text in “sub-only mode” or be part of sub giveaways.

A peak of 218.790 viewers and an average of 64.972 viewers

As more people come to the platform, more money the streamers are getting and more subscriptions. Various goals have been reached but on February 28th , Kai Cenat broke the all time record with 305,344 active subscribers and he is continuing. The previous record of 283,066 active subscribers reached at April 2021 by Ludwig Ahgren. Kai Cenat streamed for 29 days in a row and in the last 24 hours-day stream to a new Twitch trend called subathon he broke the record. Apart from that, he had various and good quality types of content. He chatted with the viewers and his friends on the stream as well as he played a lot of different games. Last, he made interviews with some guests he got in the stream and of course he slept some hours live.

From Youtube challenges to Twitch most subscribed streamer

Twitch, Youtube, Kai Cenat, streamer, IRL

So, Kai Cenat is an American Youtuber and Streamer. He was born in New York on December 16, 2001 and he is best known for his streams in Twitch and comedy based videos in YouTube. Actually, he was raised in the Bronx and he started his career as a young youtuber making pranks and challenges. He also made an acting role in a trailer for the Polo G single, Distraction. In addition to these, his good relationship with other rappers that he brought in stream too like Lil Baby and 21 Savage helped his numbers jump!

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