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Travelling on a budget: It still can be fun!

Updated: Jan 17

The author Jázmin Lászik of the article: " Travelling on a budget: it still can be fun!"

Publication date: 05.12.2023

We all want to travel, but when you add up the costs of the accommodation, flights and food your motivation can fade away. However, going on a vacation is important for your mental health. Let’s take a look at the different ways of making travelling cheaper and more accessible. Let us prove to you that seeing the ocean and mountains shouldn’t be a luxury.

Getting the cheapest flight

Finding cheap flights

Finding cheap flights can be difficult due to the number of providing companies. Our favourite website to find affordable is This site collects data from all flying companies and gives you the cheapest options. You just have to fill out your desired dates and your destination. Since we’ve found this page, we have never travelled without it!

Where should I stay?

To be real, accommodation is usually the most expensive part of planning a trip. Sometimes you can find very cheap places in shared rooms and motels. But we recommend staying somewhere even cheaper. How about free? There are two applications we’d use in your case.

The first one (which I am personally using right now) would be If you love pets and you’re responsible, this is the best way to stay anywhere for free. People in need of a Petsitter upload their pictures on the app, and you can apply for the dates given. So, if you get chosen you can stay at their place for free and at the same time you can share your travelling memories with a cute pet!

In case it's not a problem for you to share your place with someone, we’d recommend couch surfing. This option enables you to save money staying with the person who’s lending you the place. For example, you can stay with a family for free. In both cases you only have to buy the subscription for the app, which is around $100 a year. It’s an investment for more than one adventure!

Free activities around the city

Who said that you can only have fun by spending a lot of money? The best memories are free. In fact, the best way of getting to know a city is by walking the busy streets, the alleys and squares. Sitting down on the beach or going on a hike in the mountains could also be amazing activities. For instance, you could visit a park, sit down on a blanket and read a good book. Have some ice cream or fruits on the beach getting tanned. The choice is yours.

You can also visit free events during your stay. A lot of countries have national holidays, different kinds of festivals during the year. Usually attending these celebrations are free and another good way of getting to know the country’s traditions.

Every city offers free visit days in museums as well. You should research the city’s offers before going so you’ll not miss out on any deals. If you’ve missed the free day, don’t worry, you can still have a discount with your ID or student card. Check the prices on the museum’s official website.

Eating and drinking abroad

find local places to eat

Restaurants and cocktails can be super expensive in the busy touristy areas of a city. For this reason, you should go and try to find local places. Prices should be lower outside of the centre. Also cooking for yourself is the most budget way to not spend so much on food. Drink tap water instead of sugary drinks (we recommend researching the conditions of the tap water in the city you’re visiting).

If you’re going out to party, cocktail and long drink prices can skyrocket inside the place. Instead, we recommend taking some pre-drinks in local bars or buying something in the supermarket. There are also some nightclubs that provide free access before a certain time so be sure to check that as well!

Travelling on a budget: It’s all about having fun!

As we wrap up our guide to affordable and accessible travel, remember that the joy of exploration should never depend on the money spent. We've demonstrated how to secure the cheapest flights using Additionally, we've shared tips on discovering free accommodation through and couch surfing. By following these strategies, you can make your travel dreams a reality without breaking the bank.

For example, you can embrace the beauty of a city through free activities, walking its streets, lounging on the beach, or attending local events. Even museum visits can be budget-friendly if you plan ahead. When it comes to dining and drinking, choose local spots and consider cooking your own meals to save money. As you go on your next adventure, let these tips guide you to affordable and unforgettable experiences. Happy travels!


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