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The Most Valuable Brands of 2024

Updated: Apr 3

Date: 30.03.2024

To understand the value of a brand and make a list, it is important to analyze and observe the dynamics throughout the year. So the value of a brand is given according to the profit generated for the company. Before we find out which are the most valuable brands of 2024 let's explain how a brand is born. Each business - company creates through graphics a logo that will then always be included in the product made (clothes, belts, glasses, phones or cars) so that it is distinguishable from the competition.

In turn, we also talk about a brand, which is a word, phrase or symbol of that company, which recognizes the ownership of that product. So you cannot create a trademark that looks like an existing one, just as it is an offense to duplicate products that are not manufactured by the originating company.

For example, "Coca cola" is a brand that bills so much it is possible to make a trademark that has that name or that resembles the sound that is made when we make it. Now let's start talking about some brands, which stood out for their revenue and performance during the year.


Apple's brand value increased by $217 billion over last year, regaining the title of the world's most valuable brand with a huge difference from Microsoft and Google. Apple's increase in value depends on strengthening the level of attractiveness but above all, product diversification has been the winning key. We no longer associate with this brand only smartphones but also, watches, televisions, digital pens or headphones, thanks to this entry the purchase for phones has decreased incentivizing new products.

Among consumers there are those who say that although all products of this brand are expensive, they are worth the price spent because at the level of quality the service you buy you cannot find elsewhere. So in first place as the most influential brand we have Apple, followed by Microsoft and Google estimating a gain of:

Apple (from the United States) - $516.6 billion

Microsoft (from the United States) - $340.4 billion

Google (from the United States) - $333.4 billion

Stretching and analyzing fast-growing brands, we notice how some brands have climbed to the top reaching incredible numbers.


We have to talk about the case of NVIDIA thanks to an increase equal to 163% in value, it turns out to be the fastest growing brand in the world, reaching $44.5 billion. Nvidia is a U.S. company that designs chips and software for futurpo artificial intelligence factories. Nvidia's growth is due to strong consumer perception and actions of an innovative brand.

The company has stipulated a market capitalization at the end of January 2024 of 1 trillion. It is the fifth company to do so in a nutshell, worth more than Netflix, Tesla and Walmart combined. Globally, the U.S. owns more than half of the top 100 most valuable brands, followed by China, which with Tik Tok being the most valuable brand, grosses $84.2 billion.

In spite of the strong economic power of America and China in the Brand Finance Global 500 list there are 12 Italian brands, but in spite of this the value of Italian brands rapprmplessivamente the value of Italian brands grows by 14%, but the weight of Italy remains insignificant: as last year Italian brands represent 1% of the value of the entire Global 500.

The brands on this list are:

Gucci company that despite losing 17%, with a value of14.9 billion, remains the Italian brand the most valuable in the world and the second strongest Italian brand.

Next, Ferrari, with a growth of 43%, is the fastest growing Italian brand, thus surpassing the $10 billion threshold. Its growth is managed and led by Alberto Vigna, positioned in first place in the Brand Guardianship Index 2024, ensures that this Brand remains among the 10 strongest in the world .

The other Italian brands in the ranking that are growing are Generali, Conad, Prada, Ray-Ban, Armani, and Poste.

Conversely, Tim, Eni, Intesa and Enel are the other Italian brands losing value. The Brand Finance report is relevant because it allows us to measure from a financial perspective a brand's ability to attract customers beyond discounts and purely commercial tactics, adds Massimo Pizzo.

These are the brands with the most sales and were included in the Brand Finance list, which determines a the strength of brands through evaluating marketing investments and business performance. Brand Finance's analysis is very precise and detailed as it performs market research conducted on 100 thousand consumers in over 35 countries across nearly 30 industries.

At the moment there are no predictions for the future, who knows if this ranking and the data reported will remain unchanged or if there will be changes next year. What is certain is that the brands with the highest turnover are those related to the technology and digital sectors.


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