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The most popular browsers in 2023

Updated: Feb 7

Dimitrios from Vision Factory

Author: Dimitrios Tsiachtanis

Date of Publication: 16/05/2023

We all know and use different desktop browsers like Chrome from Google, Safari from Apple, and Edge from Microsoft. However, what’s the percentage of market share of each one? Finally, Statcounter gave us the answers for this year so far.


Statcounter is a web analytics service recording billions of page views to these sites every month. In particular, for each page view, they analyse the browser, operating system and screen resolution used. Afterward, they define if the page view is from a mobile device. So, in a nutshell, it is an online visitor stats tool.


Desktop Web Browser market shares

The results of the analysis service are the following: Chrome remains the first preference and has 66.13% of the market. However, Safari once again took the lead over Microsoft's Edge to become the second most popular desktop browser. Safari is now used on 11.87% of computers worldwide and is ahead of Edge at just 0.87%. In 4th place is Firefox of Mozilla with 5.65%, while Opera is in 5th place followed by Internet Explorer of Microsoft with 0.55%

Mozila Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer..

Here are the percentages of the most popular web browsers until April 2023 according to the data collected by Statcounter are:

  1. Chrome 66.13%

  2. Safari 11.87%

  3. Edge 11%

  4. Firefox 5.65%

  5. Opera 3.09%

  6. IE 0.55%


Although Safari is now in 2nd place in the ranking and has passed Microsoft Edge, we can see that it is far from the first place of Chrome. Specifically, the difference is 54.26%. However, it is worth mentioning that Safari has been created by Apple and is only available for their own devices such as the MacBook and iMac.

This means that users using Windows PC or Linux do not have the option to choose and use this browser. Thus, Safari could well have a higher percentage. On the other hand, it seems that those who own an Apple computer use Chrome as well, as it is normally available on all the company's devices.

Αnother important thing is that the Firefox browser had a drop of almost 20% since last year. On the contrary, Opera remains at the same rates in recent years with some small fluctuations.

Tell us your opinion!

Finally, the question is why people trust Chrome so much and what prevents them from using other browsers. I guess Google is doing a good job. Maybe we'll discuss this in a future article. Write in the comments section which browser you are using and why.


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