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The Effects of Manager Mobbing behavior on employees

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Author of the article

Author: Suat YILDIRIM

Date of Publication: 18/03/2023

Mobbing is a hostile and unethical form of communication that is systematically applied by one or more people. This usually happens to a single person aiming to leave the person helpless and vulnerable. In addition, mobbing is an emotional attack. A person's gathering of other people against another person, with or without their consent. As a result, mobbers force their victims to quit their job by creating an aggressive environment. How? They are simply making malicious acts, hinting, mocking and degrading the social reputation of the other person.

Mobbing Process

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Mobbing in the workplace is usually begin by a bully. The manager fails to change this person’s behavior. As a result, the power of the tyrant increases and these people begin to share psychological traumas.

5 stages in mobbing processes:

  • Critical Events: Often the trigger is a conflict. However, the factor that turns the conflict into mobbing has not been determined precisely by the researchers.

  • Offensive Actions: Negative actions made alone or for once may not always mean mobbing. However, when these psychological attacks become frequent and regular and aim to seize and intimidate someone psychologically, it means that mobbing has started actively.

  • Engagement of Management: In general, management is on the side of the bullies and takes the issue from a negative side. This makes the solution even more difficult.

  • Exclusion: At this stage, the person exposed to mobbing begins to receive professional help. This stage is also the stage where sick leave and drug use begin.

  • Dismissal: Emotional tension is experienced as a result of not making any effort to prevent events that cause the oerson to say away from work life. In addition psychosomatic diseases continue, even intensify. The concussion on the person who is removed from the workplace after the mobbing process causes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The Effects of Manager Mobbing on Employees

mobbing, mobbing process, PTSD, manager, employee, HR

The emotional pressures that continue in the manager mobbing process occur continuously and periodically. In fact, mobbing occurs gradually and causes different harmful effects on individuals, just like the degree of burns in the human body.

In the examinations, it has been observed that post-traumatic stress disorder, followed by anxiety personality disorder, depression, exhaustion syndrome, and learned helplessness syndrome occur especially in individuals. Specifically, traumatic disorders are encountered in 75 percent of those exposed to mobbing. This type of psychological trauma occurs when psychological stresses are experienced on a daily basis. Thus, these psychological traumas cause a great deal of damage to the individual's mentality.

In today's conditions, mobbing can be seen in all cultures and workplaces, regardless of differences such as senior level, gender, title, age, job skill.

mobbing, mobbing process, PTSD, manager, employee, HR

Therefore, the situation of being exposed to psychological violence or harassment is a situation that can be in question for every employee. For all these reasons, in Canada, the USA, Germany and Scandinavian countries, mobbing has become a public issue since 1992. As a result, organizations in these countries help individuals exposed to mobbing. What’s more, business unions and religious institutions organize anti-mobbing programs and seminars. However, it’s clear that mobbing occurring in the labor market cannot be completely prevented. What we can do is to limit it by some legal and organizational regulations.

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