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The Effectiveness of TikTok Ads: Reasons to advertise on TikTok

Updated: Feb 7

Cherilyn Reinhardt is the author of the article with title: The effectiveness of TikTok Ads: Reasons to advertise on TikTok

Publication date: 26.08.2023

I bet you already know that TikTok is one of the main social media platforms right now. This is because it currently has more than one billion interacting users every month. As a result, advertisements on TikTok are getting more and more popular. So, there is a question that comes up: Should you also start advertising on TikTok? The answer to it is simple: Yes! 25% of the users have already clicked on ads to buy the advertised product.

What type of advertisement offers TikTok?

  1. In-Feed Ads

  2. TopView

  3. Branded Mission

  4. Spark Ads

  5. Branded Effects

For example, you can start by advertising through In-Feed Ads. Your ad will be shown on the For You Page. To raise even more brand awareness, you can upgrade to TopView. Now your ad is going to be played directly when users open the app.

Another advertisement option is Branded Mission which works through Crowdsourcing. This means working together with Content Creators to boost your videos. By using Spark Ads, you can maximize the effect of your ads.

Organic TikTok Posts are used to manifest your ads too. Branded Effects are especially used by brands whose target groups are Gen Z or Millennials. Of course, you can also create effects if you have a different target group.

Why should you choose Spark Ads?

To clarify, every advertisement option on TikTok is recommended to use. However, Spark Ads statistics show even more benefits for your business through smart features:

● meaningful and memorable brand encounters,

● improved advertising effectiveness,

greater return on investment and sustainable marketing effect.

TikTok Ads

Spark Ads: Example of Lancelot and Monnalisa

For example, Lanslot is an online gaming app from France that brings together gamers globally through gaming events. The company used TikTok Spark Ads to raise mass brand awareness and earn users. But still, they chose a low-cost strategy to make it as efficient as it can be.

In particular, the CEO of Lancelot was already present on TikTok as a Creator. By advertising one of his videos, Lanslot hoped to make use of his expertise and popularity by attracting new players to try the game. For this reason, he demonstrated how to download the app from the app store and how to log in to it.

The video is 57 seconds long and people actually watched it and clicked on it to download the app. The conversion of the ad amazingly reached nearly 60%. Because of that, Lanslot could cut half the cost in comparison to its last campaign. Can you believe that? Spark Ads do not only work for gaming apps.

In fact, every business can make use of it. Another example is the designer clothing brand Monnalisa from Italy. They sell clothes for babies, children and teenagers. Chosen popular creators wore their clothes and were dancing to current TikTok trends. Over 30,000 TikTok users clicked on the ad to get to the online shop.

But why are TikTok ads so effective?

Most people use TikTok on their smartphone which enables easy access to the leading websites. Also, TikTok ads are still cheaper than on the competing platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Your company can produce successful marketing by connecting with Influencers that already count a huge follower base. Especially in this case, you should be creative to shine with uniqueness.

Should I make an ad campaign on TikTok?

In general, it is highly recommended advertising on TikTok. So, start by doing some research on which form of ads you want to start with. Also look out for fitting creators that you could collaborate with on TikTok, as Spark Ads are currently the most promising.


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