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The benefit of collaborating with food bloggers

Publication date: 27.02.2024

Who are the food bloggers?

The food blogger is a figure who deals with communication on food through digital channels. No longer only through the classic blog but also through social networks.


He is a professional who deals with improving the communication of an activity, through videos, photos, reviews and advice shared on social networks, which can be viewed by a large number of people.

Why should a company collaborate with a food blogger?

For a company it is not enough to have an excellent product if this is little known. To enter the market it is important to know how to communicate and be known by your audience. Food bloggers can help a company achieve this.


The company must first choose the target audience, after the suitable food blogger. This must have an audience similar to that of the brand, with the same ethical and moral values.

The role of food bloggers in communication 

The food blogger must communicate the product effectively, through content that can be used on the company’s communication channels. The food blogger as content creator tells the product. It must have good bases of food photography to improve the result with photos and videos.


The result can be recondivided by the company, through social posts, blog articles or other initiatives. This will create a network of contacts that will lead to sales and increase the popularity of the brand and its products.


By combining elements well according to current and potential customers, the results will be optimized and balanced with the reference reality. By connecting to influential bloggers the company will gain confidence. It will create a loyalty process, that will put the company in touch with its audience and will be seen less as a brand and more as a person.

How to collaborate with a food blogger

Leaving your brand communications to an outside person can be a risk, both reputation and economic risk. The point is to choose the right communicator for your purpose, able to act. It’s not just about brand visibility or likes.


An authentic connection between blogger and brand is necessary, because it will be the basis of the relationship between the brand and the end customer reached thanks to the blogger.


The types of content that can be produced are many and must be studied together with the company and its needs. For example: Recipe development, recipe videos, sponsored posts and reviews, cooking classes, blog tours etc.

The advantage of restaurants to collaborate with food bloggers

Restaurateurs can benefit from collaborating with bloggers. Increasing online visibility is one of the most significant benefits. Bloggers have a following of readers who are interested in their recommendations about the restaurants where they ate.


This can generate interest among followers, who may become new restaurant customers. Moreover, the restaurant’s online presence is amplified thanks to the sharing of the blogger’s posts, reaching a wider audience than that of its own channels or website.


This increases the popularity of the restaurant and attracts new customers. The restaurant, however, should consider not only social numbers, but also the power of the blog. An article on a blog lasts more than a social post.


For example, an article mentioning a restaurant close to the attractions of a city, will bring visibility even at a distance of time, introducing it to people interested in visiting that destination.


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