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8 Pros and Cons of Working From Home

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

The author of this article on the pros and cons of working from home is Barbara.

Author: Barbara Barilová

Date of Publication: 03/11/2022

Nowadays, an increasing number of people work from home.

Nowadays, people's working lives have changed due to a number of reasons, such as the use of technology and internet availability. Because of these, more and more people are trying to find a job that offers the opportunity to work from home at least once a week.

To some, working from home provides benefits that working from the office cannot provide. Home-working is assumed to best suit mothers, students, and people who travel a lot. However, since it is very common for people to work far away from their residence place, teleworking has also the benefit of saving time and money.

Are you curious to know more about the specific advantages and disadvantages of home-working and why employers should encourage it more? Then keep reading.

8 advantages of working from home

1. Get rid of the commute

The good news is that you no longer have to spend time in crowded public transports or stand in long queues every day. You can actually save up to 2 hours a day, which you can easily convert into time for yourself, your family or a longer sleep.

2. Comfortable clothes

At home, you can get by with comfortable clothes. So, you don’t have to buy formal clothes and spend money on washing and ironing them. This is not only an advantage for you but it is also a huge benefit for the environment.

3. You work from your own environment

You can surround yourself with items you love such as flowers and decoration. This can increase your productivity and bring better results at work. In addition, you can put on some nice music in the background, and it's pretty much any time for coffee or tea. That way, you are less stressed and more effective in your tasks.

4. Your working hours are more flexible

Flexibility essentially gives you more time for household chores, activities and family moments.

5. You're learning to be more independent

You may be given instructions but, at the same time, you can no longer ask a colleague two desks away to do something for you if you need help. Thus, you will learn and benefit from tackling challenging tasks on your own.

6. You'll improve your technical skills

You've only been using your laptop as a basic tool up until now, when suddenly a group video call is waiting for you to join. You will have to be able to set up the webcam, start the microphone and synchronize multiple smart devices. Remember that some people might pay someone to teach them this kind of knowledge!

7. You don't get distracted by the hustle and bustle of the office

While you may initially miss the regular post-weekend gossip, the reward of not hearing your colleagues complain anymore will be pleasant peace.

8. Save on lunches and gifts for colleagues

How much were you spending each month to order food at the office or eating out at lunch time? Were you in the habit of offering your colleagues a small gift every time before the holidays? Think about all the money you are saving now that you are working from home, and how you could use that to do something you really value.

8 disadvantages of working from home

1. Meeting deadlines

This is a bit stressful and the bad thing is that you aren’t close to your colleagues so you don’t share your anxiety with them. Sometimes socializing in the workplace helps dealing with stress better.

2. Lack of motivation and interaction

Immediate support from colleagues or even praise from your boss might be missing in a home environment. Hence, a disadvantage of working from home is that you may find it harder to find intrinsic motivation.

3. The boundary between work and private life is shrinking

Do you work from both the living room and the kitchen? Do you answer work emails late at night while you are in bed? Working from home often results in you working well beyond your set working hours, which means you will have less time available for yourself or your family.

The key is to stand up and turn off the PC when your shift is over. Also, finding one place and a specific time for work duties might be helpful in separating your work life from personal life.

4. Lack of a routine out of home

Why would you wake up at 6am if you no longer have an hour-long ride to take to get to work? While working from home can save up much of your time, it is important to keep a routine even if you are working from home. This may imply waking up every day at the same time and taking lunch breaks the same way you would if you were at the office.

5. Some tasks may take longer

These are especially the ones that involve working together with other people. All it takes is for someone to start slacking off because of whatever is going on at home, and the team's collaborative efforts get delayed.

6. Falling into a stereotype

Social natures are not suited to a long-term home office. When telling people you are working from home you may also get the feeling that you are being judged or seen as lazy.

7. Multiple things waiting for you at once

Your dog needs walking? Your kids can't keep up with their homework? Your husband is asking you for advice? If you are at home, you may feel more pressured to complete tasks that are not necessarily work-related, and do them all at once.

8. Fatigue, mood swings and lack of activities

Despite being at home for days, fatigue doesn't bypass you. If you are starting to feel tired or think negatively, look for new stimuli to get you going again. Exercising, calling a friend, or having an outdoor hobby can motivate you a lot!


Home-working can have as many advantages as disadvantages. At the end of the day, it is up to the person working to decide what works best for them and which option (home-working or working from the office) makes them more productive.

Hence, employers should encourage working from home to people who are well capable of setting boundaries and routines, have good time management skills and high levels of intrinsic motivation, and know how to separate work life from their personal life.


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