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Spanish Visa Procedures For Turkish People

Updated: Apr 26

Author: Luca Marchesi

Date of publication: 14/04/2022

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If you are Turkish and you are about to apply for a Spanish Visa, but you are struggling, then you are in the right place! You will find every information about the Spanish Visa procedure and, once and for all, you will be able to understand all the rules. As known, in order to enter and stay in Spain, Turkish citizens must have a Spanish visa which, according to Schengen rules, lasts for a maximum of 90 days. Turkey, in fact, despite representing an important partner for the European Union in terms of trade, security and diplomatic relations, has not currently completed the so-called "liberalization process".

The liberalization of Spanish visa procedures for Turkish

By completing the liberalization process, Turkey would join more than 60 visa-free countries within the Schengen area, whose citizens are allowed to travel freely in the area. In this case, Turkish travelers could stay in the entire Schengen area for a maximum of 90 days, in a total period of 180 days. By the end of 2022, the European Commission will launch the Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS), designed to judge in real time whether the foreign citizen arriving in the Schengen area could pose a threat to health and safety.

Therefore, it is clear that the launch of ETIAS would represent a great advantage for Turkish citizens, substantially simplifying travel to the countries of the European Union. However, at present, Turkey would not yet be eligible to participate in this project. Of the 72 requirements that the European Commission has established for Turkey to be eligible for the visa liberalization process, there are still 5 requirements to be met:

  • Respect EU standards on personal data legislation;

  • Ensure judicial cooperation with all EU Member States in criminal matters;

  • Sign a cooperation agreement with Europol;

  • Apply an appropriate strategy to fight corruption;

  • Review counter-terrorism legislation and practices in accordance with EU standards.

The Visa Procedure

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Currently, it is not possible to travel without a visa between Turkey and Spain. Turkish citizens wishing to enter the Schengen area or any of its 26 member states need to comply with specific provisions. Specifically, to apply for a visa, Turkish citizens must go to the nearest Spanish embassy or consulate. Regarding embassy and consulates, the Spanish embassy in Turkey is located in Ankara, but it is also possible to contact the Spanish consulates in Antalya, Iskenderun, Istanbul, Izmir, Izmit and Nevsehir. Also, it is important to note that it is possible to carry out the practice at the BLS offices located throughout Turkey.

In practical terms, in order to complete the application for the Spanish visa, it is necessary to present the required documents (listed below). So, please note that it is absolutely necessary to present all the documents, otherwise the procedure will be canceled.

General rules

The documents list and the rules for drafting and presenting them is drawn up by the Spanish Government, in application of EU immigration rules.

First of all, it is advisable to have at least eight working days between the date of the application and the date of departure, so as not to risk not obtaining the visa on time. All required documents must be submitted in A4 format and, if deemed necessary to carry out further information, additional documentation may be required.

Documents list

The documents required for the Spanish visa are:

  • Proof of payment of the Schengen Visa fee (80 €).

  • Passport. It must be valid for at least 3 months, starting from the expected date of departure from Spain.

  • Schengen Visa Application Form. It must be carefully completed by the applicant, in all spaces, and signed personally. In case of minors under 18, the form must be completed and signed by both parents.

  • Photos. Two passport-sized photographs (3.5 cm x 4.5 cm) with a white background are required, dating back to a maximum of 3 months prior to the application. The face and forehead cannot be covered in any way, neither hair nor hijab. The photo must be taken from the front, cannot be modified in any way and cannot be too bright or too dark. It is advisable to contact a professional photographer.

  • Travel proof. Return flight tickets are required to be booked in advance. The PNR code must be indicated in the attached document, as well as the date, departure and arrival places. In the event that the journey is made by bus, private or rental car, it is necessary to indicate the vehicle number plate, ticket, rental contract or document certifying ownership of the vehicle. Furthermore, in the case of your own or rental vehicle, you must also attach your driving license to the application. Note that documents must be drafted and submitted in English or Spanish.

  • Accommodation proof. It is necessary to be able to prove that an hotel has been booked, covering all travel dates. The document, which must be drawn up and presented in English and Spanish, must include the name and address of the hotel.

  • Travel medical insurance proof. Health insurance must necessarily cover the applicant for all medical expenses throughout the Schengen area. Urgent medical treatment, urgent hospital treatment, medical or death repatriation must be covered. Documents with coverage in currencies other than the euro are not accepted. The minimum coverage accepted is € 30,000. The document must necessarily be drawn up on headed paper and signed.

  • Letter stating the reasons of the trip.

  • Personal account bank statement from the last 3 months. Only Turkish bank accounts are considered acceptable. In the event that it is not possible to present these documents, it is possible to present a document, written in Spanish or English, which certifies your financial situation and certifies that you have adequate financial means to support you during your stay in Spain.

  • Birth certificate.

  • Photocopy of the identity document.

  • Certificate of domicile. Note that, in the event that the applicant is a foreigner, it is necessary to present the residence permit.

Please note that, based on the specific situation of the applicant, further documentation is required.

Students procedure

In the event that the applicant is a university student, the certificate of enrollment at the University must be attached to the application. For economic requirements, please check the next section.

Students or unemployed procedure

If the applicant is unemployed or a student, it is necessary to present documents certifying an economic guarantee. The guarantor can only be a close relative of the applicant (mother, father, husband / wife, brothers). The guarantor must draw up, in English or Spanish, a signed letter and submit all the documents certifying his / her job position (please check the list below in the section "Employed people procedure"). Proof of the family relationship must also be attached. In the event that the applicant is a recent graduate: the candidate must submit a copy of the certificate.

Employed people procedure

If the applicant is an employee, owner of a company or, generally employed, the following documents must be attached to the application:

  • Employment letter. It must be written in English and Spanish. The name and surname of the signatory must be indicated. It must certify the position held within the company, the salary and the precise dates of leave from work. It is also necessary that the date of return to the workplace Is clearly declared.

  • SGK certificate (Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu).

  • Certificate indicating the last three months pay slips.

  • Registration at the local chamber of commerce, in the event that the applicant is the owner of the company.

Retired people procedure

If the applicant is retired, it is necessary to attach a bank account statement, certifying the monthly receipt of the pension. The document must be stamped and signed by the bank.

Underage applicants

A document certifying parental consent must be attached. The document must be authenticated.

Over 90 days

In case you need to stay more than 90 days, please note that the journey must be for business purposes only. Check the Embassy for further information.

Welcome to Spain!


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