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Our success in 2022 with promoting events that took place in Berlin

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Janine Jenksman, author of the article.

Author: Janine Jenksman

Date of Publication: 02/11/2022

Entrepreneurs and decision-makers from over 80 countries gathered together for the Blockchain Oracle Summit.

The Blockchain Oracle Summit aims to promote more collaboration between various Oracle initiatives, increased innovation in Oracle applications, and quick uptake of Oracle technology among prospective end customers. On July 19 and 20, 2022, the International Cannabis Business Conference was held at Berlin's illustrious Estrel Hotel. This was a great occasion for attendees and speakers from around the world to interact. Secondly, on June 7th-9th, the blockchain oracle summit took place.

5 tips for a successful event promotion

  1. Conduct a detailed target audience research for the upcoming event

  2. Offer incentives such as discounted ticket prices with a special code

  3. Utilize social media with necessary data visualizations

  4. Give people an insight on why they shouldn’t miss out

  5. Be familiar with what will occur at the event. In this way, you ensure that you can provide clear and direct guidance to potential attendees markets.

Doing our part to raise awareness about the Blockchain Oracle Summit

Our main approach was similar to that of the cannabis conference. Actually our research beforehand and collections of different types of communities who may have an interest in technological applications made a hit. Oracles are an essential component of the majority of blockchain's most cutting-edge applications, including DeFi, dynamic NFTs, tokenized real-world assets, parametric insurance, distributed identification etc. The Blockchain Oracle Summit brought together 200 individuals from all facets of the Oracle ecosystem to exchange ideas and discuss their respective projects, objectives, and difficulties. For us, the 200 attendee limit meant that we had to carefully narrow down and find specific people in fields which would have a strong interest in this summit. We helped find these people to ensure the event would make their time worthwhile and beneficial.

The outcome of the Blockchain Oracle Summit

Entrepreneurs and decision-makers from over 80 countries gathered together at this event. Actually, numerous speakers from all over the world attended it. Specifically the key focus was to offer potential business partners finance and investment opportunities. Therefore, we made sure that people received clarity about the exact event that they would be attending. Entrepreneurs were a good target for us to encourage to take part in. For the most part, our preparation of conducting research, networking tools and applications made it possible for us to work efficiently to do our part. Anyone who wished to collaborate, network, or conduct business with experts in data and blockchain technologies attended the summit. The Blockchain Oracle Gathering was the first oracle-only summit in the world, regardless of technology. Specifically, speakers representing some of DeFi's most intriguing initiatives, including founders, CTOs, and tech leads which were on the agenda.

The Cannabis Conference in Berlin attendees

Our promotion and discounted price of the tickets increased the number of people who were willing to take part in the event. In particular, this event was for people with a genuine interest in an innovative networking opportunity. In addition, it was ideal for those who wanted to engage with speakers from all over the world by participating as a delegate. So, the best thing to do is to provide participants with a clear view of the content of the event as well as the benefits they will gain.

The outcome of the Cannabis Conference

Overall this trade show was a successful event that connected business leaders, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers from over 80 countries. Numerous speakers from all over the world attended this two-day networking event. Thus, offering potential business partners finance and investment opportunities is the key objective. In fact, 5,000 guests were at this event and this included 150 investors. Therefore, that was an important factor to acknowledge as these investors were keen on putting forth their money towards new innovative ideas. So, at the conference, real-world data, experience, and finance meet with real-deal money and investment to fuel upcoming multibillion-dollar.


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