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N26: All about this innovative online bank

Updated: Apr 25

Davide D’Elia is the author of the article with title "N26 : All about this innovative online bank"

Author: Davide D’Elia

Date of Publication: 07/10/2022

N26 is an online bank, established in Germany in 2013, specifically in Berlin. This is one of the most innovative banks in the recent era, and we can talk about its success a lot. Now unfortunately it is going through a bad period but all of us hope for a kidney stroke.

All about the innovative online bank N26

What about the bad period ?

The difficult period started in 2020 when the Grain Britain referendum results leaned towards brexit. Because of it, N26 found itself obliged to close its services inside the GB country.

Despite what happened before, the enterprise was valued at 3.5€ billion. In fact, since 2013 the bank received more than 800€ Millions of financiamento from investors like Tencent.

Just in July 2019 the bank paid 4.5 Millions due to alleged deficiencies in anti – money laundering controls found by the Bafin supervisory authority.

The society clarified that the ticket had to do with a later signaling from the bank about fifty suspected operations.

In spite of everything , last January the society declared the milestone of 7 million customers in 25 European countries, without counting the USA. So, N26 is considered the best bank in terms of customers’ satisfaction in Italy and abroad.

What does N26 offer to their customers ?

N26 offers you a 100% digital account with no hidden fees. In addition, you have a zero-fee Mastercard debit card, free payments with google pay and Apple Pay. Last, customer support is available 7 days a week.

Apart from these, the N26 application offers many possibilities to keep your expenses under control. Actually, it divides payments into categories such as ATM’s, Bars, restaurants and shopping. You can also do this subdivision on your own. What’s more, with the self selected hashtags you can better distinguish the various categories and transactions.

What does N26 offer to their customers ?

Moreover, you can deposit up to 999€ in 24 hours and 2999€ in 7 days. Also, you can spend up to 1000€ per day and withdraw for free up to three times per day. Otherwise you can increase it to five if you receive on your bank account the pension, your job salary or your studies bag. Your N26 mastercard allows you to withdraw cash for free at any bank’s ATM, according to our Fair Policy Use.


With the advent of online banking, a lot of things in our world changed. That was since the first time we exploited this function too much without considering the risk of being scammed. Then the government and banks themselves, put in place multiple rules and strategies to avoid people being robbed. Now we live in a safer world and we hope in the future it will be safer than these days. Everyday we are one step ahead. So, in a world like this we have to use online banking for many reasons. For example, we can pay the rent, shop, order any food online through delivery apps or just send money to our friends. It’s a necessary thing! Actually, without it we couldn’t live fully. So, N26, being one of the most important online banks, will become more indispensable than it is now over time.


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