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Java vs Javascript

Author: Tantoluwa Heritage Alabi

Publication Date: 26.03.2024

Java and JavaScript sound similar, so when people see these words, they assume they are related or derived from each other. Java and JavaScript are both programming languages and they serve different purposes.

What is Java?

Java is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language used for developing web applications, mobile apps  and embedded systems. Java can run on any platform with a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed.

Example of Java Code

Key Features of Java

●      Java as a compiled programming language requires a Java Virtual machine (JVM) to run its code.

●      Variables in Java have their data types defined , For example (int number = 5).

●      Java programs can run on all platforms.

●      Multithreading can be performed in Java whereby various tasks can be executed at the same time. This improves performance.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript (JS) is a light-weight interpreted programming language of the web that is used to create dynamic and interactive elements. JavaScript code is typically embedded within HTML documents or included from external files and is executed by the web browser's built-in JavaScript engine.

Example of JavaScript Code

Key Features of JavaScript

●      Code blocks in JavaScript are made up of functions and variables.

●      JavaScript runs on all web browsers.

●      JavaScript executes programs one at a time.

●      JavaScript is an interpreted language that is executed at runtime.

Difference between Java and JavaScript



Java code is compiled into bytecode

JavaScript code is interpreted at runtime

Java is used for server side development, for building desktop apps

JavaScript is used for creating interactive websites, UI element and backend systems for web

Java is used in object oriented programming, making it reuse objects in other programs

JavaScript is easier to understand and has a simpler code structure

Java is versatile and platform independent

JavaScript runs on web browsers and primary client side

Java code is written on IDEs like intellij, Eclipse

JavaScript is written on IDEs like Visual Studio code and Sublime Text

Some examples of Java frameworks are Spring boots (frameworks), GWT, Grails

Some example of JavaScript frameworks are React, Angular, Vue and React Native

Java supports multithreading whereby two or more parts of a program are executed at the same time

JavaScript performs form validation based, can handle date and time


Java and JavaScript, despite their similar names, are distinct languages with different strengths. Java shines in building complex, robust applications across various platforms. JavaScript reigns supreme in the realm of web development, adding interactivity and dynamism to web pages. While their functionalities may overlap in some areas, understanding their core differences empowers you to choose the right tool for your project.


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