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Instant Marketing: Advertise on Social Networks in Real Time

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

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Author: Alessandra Vantini

Date of publication: 25/04/2022

Nowadays, brands in order to differentiate themselves in the market and be perceived positively in the mind of the target, they need to be more and more innovative. However, this is not enough! Brands apart from building their reputation and image, need effective communication that supports them. Making a good advertisement with instant marketing can be a winning solution to stand out from other brands. However, there are rules to follow and it is certainly not a technique that can be used casually.


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This technique uses sensational or successful events to create an advertising campaign in an immediate way. Instant Marketing is a communication technique that uses sensational events occurring in sports, culture or politics in a short time. This is because they intend to create an advertising campaign or a post that recalls what happened and associates it to its products. Consequently, many well-known brands such as Ceres or Ikea have already been using this practice for a few years. In this way, they can expand their catchment area with great success. This happens especially thanks to the widespread use of social media which allows advertising messages to be disseminated in real time.

However, you have to stay constantly updated on everything that happens around you. In this regard, don't just follow the news, but focus on the trends coming from Social Networks. This is where the most talked about news are concentrated on and you can see for yourself how much buzz they make. Likewise, harness the power of Google Trends, which shows you the most popular topics from period to period.

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How to build the strategy? There are some fundamental points


This is the key feature for developing a good instant marketing strategy. The goals are to reach as many users as possible. Also, at the same time the post must be shared by as many users as possible. In order to do this, the content must be published a short time after the event, when the interest of the public is high and the news is widespread. So, waiting too long or not acting in the right time would mean a sin of originality. This may lead to little interest and not to obtain the desired result.


Speed must not neglect creativity, which remains the main actor. Specifically, the message must be relevant to the brand, to the event in question, but must not risk being banal or repetitive. In addition, good content acts as the communicative key of irony, double entendres and jokes, but without exaggerating or becoming offensive.

Also The relevance of the event plays a key role. For example, a sensational event is on everyone's lips, especially the social networks would be taken by storm because of the various comments that would result. On the contrary, an event of little importance would go unnoticed and a possible Instant Marketing campaign on the subject would not be well understood. Therefore it would not generate any interest.


A fundamental thing is to study and define the communication channel. Many of the examples given so far mainly concern the social world. However, in reality even blog articles and even outbound marketing can sometimes get great visibility. In particular, the first ones, will attract mainly an audience that likes to inform themselves. On the other hand, outbound marketing (flyers, brochures, newspaper advertising and so on) can strike those who, even today, remain in love with paper despite the presence of online content.

Perhaps our readers will remember well when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie separated. Norwegian Air, a Norwegian low-cost airline, had some fun with this news. Taking advantage of the news, the airline wasted no time. Thus, in just 2 days, an entire page dedicated to an exclusive offer of the airline, aimed at female customers, appeared in major newspapers. "Brad Pitt is single! Los Angeles. Round trip, taxes included. 169£".

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Instant marketing is undoubtedly a valid tool for a digital strategy, as long as we clarify the objectives we want to achieve with it. However,it is important to evaluate case by case whether our social post on the event, having become a trend topic, corresponds to the expectations of our target. Also, it is necessary to match with the tune of our voice. But you, whose side are you on? For or against instant marketing?


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