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Improving efficiency at work: 6 ways to increase employee productivity

Updated: Feb 6

Ilona from VF

Date of publication: 09/07/2023

Employees are the element of the company's work that can be safely called indispensable. The profit depends directly on how productively they work. It often happens that the productivity of work depends not only on the motivation of the staff but on how well they treat their official duties. Also, it has to do with completely objective factors.

What’s productivity


The ratio of the effort expended and the result obtained is the productivity of the work. It can be calculated quite easily if the businessman knows where his employees spend their time. So, understanding how productive their work is will help him figure out how to improve employee productivity.

How to improve employee productivity and how to calculate it

If you want to understand where time is spent and what result it brings, you should use the very simple formula:


Moreover, setting clear goals and monitoring time are essential for flawless implementation of the formula to improve staff efficiency. In particular, high profit means high productivity, but what does high mean? This means that it is as close as possible to the ideal indicators that the company sets for itself. In conclusion, to surpass ideal values and achieve high levels of productivity, a substantial improvement in workflow efficiency is necessary.

Ways to boost your efficiency in the workplace

There are many ways that employees themselves can develop their productivity with the help of management.

Set-up a cozy and well-organized work area

A well-organized workplace is crucial. Constantly searching for paper and stationery wastes a significant amount of working time. That’s why comfortable work accessories solve many problems. For instance, a multi-section paper tray keeps necessary documents within reach, or a diary helps remember important meetings and calls.

High-quality optimization of the employee's workplace is the key to success. Also, it's the simplest answer to the question of how to increase labor productivity in the enterprise.

Work in natural light

Lighting generally affects productivity directly. For example, modern offices are made as bright as possible. Thanks to this, productivity can be increased by more than 30%. So, if the organization of natural lighting is difficult for some reason, use lamps with soft light resembling natural sunlight.

Breathe in fresh air

Short breaks with the opportunity to go outside or to the balcony are exactly what employers need to increase employee productivity. This is because the brain is saturated with oxygen, a person feels a surge of vivacity, and his mood improves. Also, it is recommended to take such breaks every one and a half to two hours. If this is not possible, then even just open windows will help increase productivity in the company. Lastly, this is very good for health in the warm season, the most important thing is to avoid drafts.

Change air temperature

The best option is considered to be a temperature of 21.5 degrees Celsius. This is because if a person is cold, then they are unlikely to think about their labor indicators, but the heat is no less contraindicated. So, the easiest way to improve the work of staff is to purchase climate control equipment.

Get rid of junk

A cluttered workspace leads to inefficient work. Unfinished coffee cups, pieces of paper, and unnecessary items distract attention and divert focus from the task at hand. Therefore, if an employee wants to know how to work more efficiently in the office, they need to start with cleaning. Thanks to this, not only will their workplace be immediately cleaned, but also their mind, so it will become easier to work.

Listening to music


This is one of the best options for how you can increase productivity. The most important thing is to choose the right compositions. Experimenting with sound is also fun, and a happy person works with pleasure.

All in all, these are just the main factors that affect productivity. Always remember, that to increase productivity at work, both the worker and the employer must work on it.


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