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How To Grow On Linkedin

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

With the growing importance of social networking, professionals are exploring ways to grow on LinkedIn. The platform is the leader for connecting businesses, job seekers, and employers. So, how to expand your professional LinkedIn network effectively? These tips help you grow your network and get results:

1) Complete your profile and keyword optimize it: Like Google, the LinkedIn algorithm shows results for keywords. Therefore, filling your profile page with popular search terms on LinkedIn increases your visibility. A complete profile has the summary, skills, work history, education, and more. Consequently, a well-optimized profile makes you more findable. So, a complete profile and keywords will help you get higher on the results list.

2) Send connection requests:

Invite co-workers and classmates

LinkedIn helps you easily find people from past companies. therefore, your profile should be up to date. By including all past companies, LinkedIn will provide more suitable connections. Also, this is how you can find old classmates. By updating the schools you attended, LinkedIn updates its algorithm. Therefore, as mentioned before, a complete profile is the most important for connections.

Invite business and personal contacts from your email database

LinkedIn also checks your digital address books and shows who is active on LinkedIn. However, try not to invite just everyone on the list. It is important to have connections that you feel add value to your network. LinkedIn has a limit on invitations you can send out. So, if you invite contacts that are not on LinkedIn, your invitation is wasted.

Invite LinkedIn group members from groups that you belong to

By joining a group, you can search within the group through Advanced Search. Hence, make sure to check the profiles. Try to find people with mutual connections. Then, they are more likely to accept your invitation. Consequently, your mutual connections will increase.

Invite other people in your network to connect after finding them on an Advanced Search

This is the most popular method of getting more connections on LinkedIn. However, since you likely have few mutual connections, being accepted is more difficult. Therefore try to send an email to people if their email address is listed in their profile. If they have their email address in their profile, they are more open to being contacted. Still, it helps to first read their profile and contact settings.

Personalize your LinkedIn connection requests

Additionally, it is possible to send a message with your connection request. By adding a personal note, you can give clarity on your request. For example, you can mention meeting at a business event or admiring the person’s work. As a consequence, people are more likely to accept your invitation.

3) Create LinkedIn content


While creating content on LinkedIn, there is a structure:

· Create a Hook: LinkedIn shows only the first 3-5 lines. Therefore, having an attention-grabbing line makes readers more interested and willing to engage with you.

· Use White Space: LinkedIn hates big blocks of paragraphs. So, while writing posts on LinkedIn, write 1 or 2 lines before using white space. This is a key to acing LinkedIn posts.

· Organise With Bullet Points: Highlight and bring attention to your most important information with bullet points. Then, posts appear clean and organized.

· Use Less Emojis: Emojis are always good to add to bring life to your post but do not overdo it. Using 2 to 4 emojis in a post keeps it simple, effective, and interactive.

· Use Call To Action: Ending your post with a CTA is very important. Thus, ask your readers a question or give them an instruction.

· Add Hashtags: LinkedIn is not the same as Instagram. So, when ending your post, only add 3 to 4 relevant hashtags.

· Grab attention with visual content: Research suggests that Posts with images get twice as many views. Additionally, posts with video content are re-shared 20 times more.

Invite engagement by posting often

When a connection likes, or comments on your posts, their connections are more likely to see those posts. If your content seems relevant, those “2nd-degree” connections may take the step to reach out. Consequently, they send an invitation to connect with you. Thus, it syndicates your content across home page feeds everywhere.

4) Engage

Through comments and messages

Above all, engaging is the greatest key to growth on any platform. As mentioned, LinkedIn forms a chain through comments. Therefore, if you want to stand out, you can add something to posts. For example, comment your opinion or how you resonate with it. Additionally, starting conversations with people gives more connections. Instead of trying to sell a business, make sure to hold the conversation to learn from the other. This way, you build your network.

Through LinkedIn stories

LinkedIn has also added the story feature. With the swipe-up option, you have great chances of showing up along with the CTA. Stories can be used to share work processes, projects, features, achievements, and other relevant things. Leveraging stories is a great way to connect with your network and start a conversation.

5) Explore LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups offers topic-specific spaces. Here, you can connect within your industry and specialty. Thus, relationships can be built and information can be shared. The groups are moderated by their leaders and have their own set of rules. While there are “open networking groups”, it is best to join groups that fit your interests and that bring value to you. Then, you are more likely to receive invites from serious group members.

6) Promote your LinkedIn profile

Social media platforms have a bio. Here, you can promote your LinkedIn profile by including a link. Also, Facebook groups can be used to find proactive individuals and entrepreneurs. Often, they have roll call posts where moderators ask members to post their LinkedIn. Besides this, you can also add the link to your LinkedIn in your email signature.


There is no minimum amount of connections required. However, with 500+ connections, you get more opportunities and business leads. A “super-connector” has between 1,000 and 3,000 connections. To conclude, it may take time and effort to find connections. But, these tips make growing your LinkedIn network less intimidating, more realistic, and much more fun. Most importantly, continue nurturing your skills and LinkedIn to help you grow.


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