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How Hybrid Working Systems Affected Working Environments

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Berfu Balci, Author of the article.

Author: Berfu Balcı

Date of Publication: 08/01/2023

After Covid, almost all fields had to turn into hybrid working mode which inlcudes work from home.

With the emergence of Covid-19, almost all of the work fields had to turn into hybrid working mode. But what is hybrid working? To understand more of the term, first, we should accept it as a mixture of in-office and remote working systems that companies ensure for their employees. So, this working system allows people to work at their preferred time or place.

How Does hybrid work work

With the changing trends and needs across the world, work systems transformed, and emerged different skill sets for those in that field. With the shift in working methods because of Covid19, companies had to make big moves related to how their businesses operate. This is basically for protecting their presence and continuing to be efficient in the workforce. Therefore, most of them find the solution to shifting their on-site plan into hybrid working.

Hybrid working gives employers and employees the opportunity to have flexible working conditions.

At first, that allowed employees to protect themselves from the pandemic by giving them a self-isolation option. Then, it gave the opportunity for flexible working schedules. Eventually, that leads to more productivity. Even though it may sound good, flexible working schedules also require considerable planning and communication. It means trying to achieve collective success while maintaining the freedom to work on one's own time/phase. While working online with a team, it is critical to strengthen verbal and non-verbal skills since everything is carried out on an online platform. Working on a task with people who have different ideas on everything takes work. In fact, this is mainly when communication is limited to only little squares on the computer. Thus, the vital thing is finding common ground to make a good team on the job.

This is why both leaders' and teammates' regular check-ups are so important. A manager must check up on them to predict how much work an employee is doing. To avoid problems, it is essential for a director/manager to be aware of intelligent business and the latest management trends suitable for their field. Another helpful tool is regular one-on-one meetings to see where everyone is on a specific task. In this way, it is beneficial for directors to keep up with their employees' work, and employees can get feedback on their contributions.

What are The Benefits of Hiring Outside of the House

Having flexible working hours isn’t only suitable for hybrid teams but also beneficial for companies. For in-house employers, the company provides certain working hours. On the other hand, there is no such limitation for hybrid workers who may be living in different locations with hour differences. That could be beneficial for a company to find the solution for problems that may occur during out-of-office hours. Since employees out of the house would have more flexible hours, they would be more likely to be flexible and favorable to the company's demands. It is also cheaper for companies to hire outside since it is possible to hire employees just for specific times and projects.

In conclusion, since working remotely, it isn’t important where you work from. Actually, companies don't have to worry about office space. Instead of spending money for an office or office supplies, it can be used for something else. While saving on these expenses, a company can hire employees from the global market. What’s more, outside hybrid employees can bring an alternative perspective to the house and improve the quality of the work by bringing a fresh set of eyes to the projects.


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