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How does self-doubt hinder your work?

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Ilona Milostnaja is the author of the article with title: How does self-doubt hinder your work?

Date of publication: 24/07/2023

Relationships in the team are one of the key factors affecting the productivity of employees. The number of "problem" colleagues includes people with low self-esteem. Such people have a bad influence on the atmosphere in the team. That is, it leads to inefficient business processes and a deterioration in financial performance. Why? Let's figure it out.

What do self-doubted people do?

● They are very concerned about the opinions of others, so the focus is shifting from work processes to creating the perfect external picture.

● They cannot express their opinion because they are afraid that it will be wrong. These people do not have firmness in decisions.

Conflict. In order to make themselves seem more important, colleagues with low self-esteem criticize and sometimes humiliate others.

Sabotage. Insecure people hate their opposite, so they will do everything to question the actions of colleagues.

Slowness in decisions. Even if it's a paper color choice that doesn't matter, an employee with low self-esteem will procrastinate and slow down the workflow.

Did you recognize any of your employees? Then we offer you a few steps that will help retain an employee and even improve his productivity

self-doubt and productivity  while working from home

Improving productivity, erasing self-doubt at work

Accept the fact that this type of person is ineradicable

It can be either your officemate or your boss. In any case, you will have to look for an approach and learn how to communicate with an insecure person.

Analyze your interaction

How many times the outcome of the contact was positive, and how many times it was negative? If the pros outweigh that, then that's great news, it's not all that bad. Cons prevail - a deeper analysis of both the behavior of a colleague and one's own will be required.

Remember all the negative contacts

What did you do when the person reacted this way? Is it possible to change the behavior pattern to a more positive one? How to change the script of communication?

Be positive

The interlocutor always feels your insincerity. Try to understand it and take into account the interests, find the pluses in it. Think about how he can be useful to you, and you to him. If the need is clearly stated, it is easier to make contact.

Support them

Complimenting is not that difficult, but the effect may surprise you, just remember to be sincere. When an insecure person sees that he is appreciated, he will become more open.

Don't rush a colleague

Avoid putting pressure on a colleague who takes a long time to make a decision. For example, you can create an efficient and flexible checkpoint schedule. As a result, it will help to slow down the work and give room for the performer to maneuver at the same time.

Informal contact

Finally, we are all human, and an insecure colleague can be a great friend, if only given a chance to open up. Invite them for coffee during lunch or after work, to reduce the degree of seriousness between you.

So, don’t rush to dismiss or “serious conversation”, first try to find an approach to the problem employee. In this case, it may well be that the person will not be so problematic.

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