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Hiring someone you’ve never seen face-to-face

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

The author of this article on how to hire someone you've never seen face to face is Ema.

Author: Ema Oberpfalzerova

Date of Publication: 01/12/2022

Hiring the right person is a challenging and important decision for every manager to make. Actually, it is impacting the whole team, its pace and cohesion. Nowadays, we are living in a time of technology, and remote hiring has started to be a big topic for HR managers. This happened especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, when home office or remote working became available in most companies.

Remote hiring has started to be a big topic for HR managers.

Unfortunately, remote hiring has its limits. In fact, it is much harder to choose the right person without really meeting them in person. Therefore, there are some methods and tips for hiring managers to ease the process of finding the perfect candidate.

  1. use different platforms

  2. involve the team

  3. trial project

  4. video introduction

Multiple Platforms When Interviewing Someone

It is essential to evaluate and consider how the candidate's communication style matches the team's in order to get the best possible result. Interviewing via multiple platforms might be a solution since the classic online video interview sometimes is not enough. Other optional platforms include:

It is essential to evaluate and consider how the candidate's communication style matches the team's in order to get the best possible result.

Online chat

Online chat is an option for better-imitating workplace communication and employee interaction.


Email is one of the most used platforms when communicating with colleagues. Therefore, it’s necessary to see how the candidate reacts and responds.

Audio call

To discover how the candidate deals with customers via phone call, you may schedule one to hear the reactions and approach they have towards them.

Involving the Team When Hiring Someone

Individual performance has a huge impact on the performance of the team and vice versa. Therefore, it is very important to involve the existing team when hiring someone new. The first option could be to let certain teammates conduct a one-to-one interview with the candidate to get their personal points of view. Another option would be to conduct an informational interview with a few members of the team to gain objectivity and unbiasedness. You could then use the gathered information to make the final decision.

Use a Trial Project

Designing a trial project for a candidate is a very effective way of evaluating the candidate’s working style. It also allows you to observe the person’s adaptability and creative thinking. This doesn't have to be a long project. It can actually be only a short task to see how the candidate handles a challenge. At the end of the day, you may want to feel reassured that the person you are testing for the challenge is the ideal employee.

Use Video Introduction When Hiring Someone

Another possible way to enhance the hiring process is to ask candidates to record a self-introduction video. This will make hiring easier both for the applicant and for the team.

It will be easier for the applicant because the person has probably told their life story several times before, which saves up their time. It will equally be easier for you, especially if you are making the “which candidate to hire” decision as a team. This is because, once you’ve received the video from the candidate and obtained their consent, you can share it with other members of your team. This way of sharing will refrain members from asking repetitive questions about the applicant and from being influenced by each other’s opinions. Eventually, you will receive more objective and honest feedback from all your team members.

In conclusion, the remote hiring process isn’t always an easy way to choose an adequate candidate. It has an impact on the whole team, and thus on the organization itself. For this reason, providing more steps to the recruitment process may bring about more information, which leads to a better decision.


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