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Dropshipping Method: Tips That Will Put You Ahead of Your Competitors

Updated: Feb 8

Tomris Yavuz is the author of the article titles : " Dropshipping: Tips That Will Put You Ahead of Your Competitors"

Author: Tomris Yavuz

Date of publication: 25/07/2023

If you want to make money by doing this dropshipping method without dealing with supply and stock, you should definitely read this article! For those who don't know, let's briefly introduce dropshipping.

What is Dropshipping?

Products sold in dropshipping are ordered online from the supplier. In other words, the product is delivered directly from the supplier to the customer. So, sellers are an intermediary that helps customers buy the product. This eliminates inventory management, warehousing, shipping costs, and any logistics process.

First Steps into Dropshipping

First of all, if we want to enter e-commerce, we first need to decide what to sell. Then the supplier must be found. As the third step, the products should be exhibited either via Instagram, an e-commerce website, a marketplace, or AliExpress.

Let's say we showcased the product, sold the product, and even received the payment. On this note, we have to go to the supplier again and inform them. We will only follow the next process remotely. Therefore, the supplier removes the product from the supply point, prepares the product, and ensures the cargo’s exit.

Following the Product Remotely

Sellers have to make sure that the product

has been shipped and reached the customer.

 dropshipping products remotely

If there are any problems, they should follow up on them. This is mainly because the customer thinks they bought the product directly from us, they don’t know the supplier. For example, a common problem is a damaged product delivered to the

customer. If the supplier does not accept the product return, the damage will be reflected to us, the dropshipping seller. This is the most important negative feature of drop shipping!

3 Basic Steps of Dropshipping Method:

Step 1:

The customer buys the product from the seller.

Step 2:

The seller obtains the product from the supplier.

Step 3:

The supplier ships the product to the customer.

women extending hand reaching agreement

Dropshipping is very competitive as there are very few entry barriers. To prevail in this competition you must follow some rules. For example, sell a product that is not available at all or very scarce, or sell cheaper than other sellers. So, competitive pricing is very important!

Don’t forget that you do not have information about the quality of the product or the delivery process. Therefore, you have to take the risks of selling a product that you have not seen yourself and take the necessary measures to minimize these risks.

Stand Out From Competitors While Dropshipping

Here are some ways to stand out from the many dropshipping competitors due to the low entry barriers:

  • Set yourself a target market and audience

  • Follow market trends

  • Identify products that are sold yearly or not at all in this market

  • Identify platforms where you can advertise these products and develop marketing strategies

  • Identify countries and suppliers where you can get these products cheaper

Especially by following social media trends, you can determine where and which products the demand for products is increasing. By using software such as Instagram Insights, you can market your products and manage the performance of your account.[3] So, through Google Trends, you can reach the most searched products in search engines recently.

7 Best Dropshipping Product Types

To give you some idea, here are the seven best types of dropshipping products to start selling in 2023 according to Gelato:

1. Clothing and fashion accessories

● T-shirts

● Leggings

● Bodysuits

2. Baby products

● Diapers

● Baby wipes

● Baby T-shirts

3. Home goods

● Mugs

● Water bottles

● Wall hangings

4. Office supplies

● Letterheads

● Notebooks

● Binders

5. Personal care and beauty products

● Body wash

● Face wash

● Facial oil and moisturizers

6. Electronics

● Phone cases

● Wireless earbuds

● Ring lights

7. Pet supplies

● Toys

● Food bowls

● Pee pads

Online Dropshipping Platforms to Make Money

Here are some online platforms where you can earn money by dropshipping:

  1. Shopify

  2. eBay

  3. Amazon

  4. AliExpress

  5. Etsy

  6. WooCommerce

Remember: If you want to reach a high-profit margin in drop shipping, you must sell unique products. Another option is to sell the product at a lower price than the market prices so that customers choose you. It’s up to you!


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