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Digital Marketing: Airbnb, Tripadvisor

Updated: Feb 13

Melissa from Vision Factory

Author: Melissa Sartini

Date of Publication: 05/05/2023

Through the use of digital technologies and media, Digital Marketing enables the achievement of marketing objectives. In fact, it consists of all marketing activities using web channels. Particularly, some of the goals are to analyze trends, generate offers and develop one's business network.

digital marketing

Apart from that, it seeks to acquire new customers, provide better services to current customers, expand and strengthen relationships. As a result all these lead to the improvement of user experience. So, we can achieve all of these through websites, apps, social media and online communication techniques. For example, search engine placement, social media marketing, digital advertising and email marketing play an important role as well.

Why is Digital Marketing important in tourism?

Digital marketing is important because it complements traditional sales strategies such as print, TV, direct mail. This is referred to as multichannel marketing. Therefore, these two types of activities must be consistent and integrated. This is because they are part of a strategic marketing plan. Thus, today doing digital marketing is a complex activity, linked to technological evolution.

The Elements of Digital Marketing

The 5 key elements of digital marketing are:

1. Digital device

Smartphones, tablets, PCs, connected TVs are used to access websites and apps.

2. Digital platform

Most interactions start from a search on browsers, apps or social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Linkedin).

3. Digital media

To reach and engage customers, it is necessary to select acquisition channels.

4. Digital Data

It is essential to collect and analyze data. If data collection and analysis is high, it is called Big Data Analysis.

5. Digital Technology

Marketing technologies that facilitate the creation of interactive experiences on sites and apps. They help segment audiences and create targeted campaigns and increase conversion rates.

Tourism marketing

Digital marketing has also sliced the world of tourism. In fact, ICTs are able to procure decisive information to convince the customer. Tourism products are intangible, as there is no possibility to touch or see them before their enjoyment. So, ICT has facilitated their collection and delivery. In particular this happens, through the comparison of different offerings and the exchange of content on the Web. In addition, they are useful in terms of both cost and service benefits. Thus, tourism digital marketing is the set of online activities that promote any tourism-related service/product through the use of digital tools and channels.


Examples of Tourism Marketing

Among the most important ones we find the following:

Airbnb is one of the most popular and most used Online Travel Agency at the moment. It acts as an intermediary between those who are looking for accommodation for short periods of time, and those who own a space that they can rent. Another platform is

TripAdvisor, whose purpose is to provide useful advice and information to travelers. In fact, it allows its users to post reviews regarding hotels, restaurants and bed and breakfasts, book accommodations...

Lastly, is one of the most well-known hotel booking websites on the entire planet. It is used for booking accommodations all over the world.


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