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Career Options after an MBA in International Business

Updated: Apr 18

Publication date: 08.01.2024

Many universities in the world offer MBA programmes and the demand for them is high. Alone in the US there are 115 MBA Programs. Let's say you pursue an MBA in International Business. As the field is very broad, you might not know what career options you have with this degree. Good news: Opportunities are endless! Here are some ideas:

MBA in International Business

MBA career options

International Sales Director

What are the requirements for this job? 

  • Advanced leadership, 

  • negotiation skills,

  • interpersonal skills 

  • knowledge about the local market 

An International Sales Director is in charge of sales activities overseas, they have to manage and administer them. What’s more, they have to set specific targets, for instance, by implementing new pricing strategies. A director develops various business strategies, policies and procedures. At the same time they have to have a good knowledge about the local culture, laws and regulations, to ensure the survival and the success of the company.

International Business Analyst

International Business Analyst

Requirements for this job: 

  • Project management skills, 

  • analytic abilities, 

  • communicate very well.

International Business Analysts work in several areas of a company. They have to undertake financial analyses, carry out market research and develop business plans/ strategies to ensure that the company succeeds. Furthermore, they help companies expand into foreign markets as well as help them grow their business overseas. In fact, it is an advantage, if you already have knowledge in the field of research.

Global Business Administration Professional

What requirements do you have to fulfil? 

  • Very good organisational skills, 

  • cross-cultural knowledge, 

  • strong interpersonal skills

A Global Business Administration Professional ensures that business operations abroad run smoothly. Also, they make sure that the company adheres to local government laws and industry regulations. Someone working in this field needs a high awareness of the culture the company is interacting with and also has to have a thorough understanding of the market. A Global Business Administration Professional always has to be up to date on trends to ensure the success of the company.

International Buyer

As an international buyer you are an excellent negotiator, you have strong numerical skills and the ability to analyse data.

International Buyer

International buyers have the responsibility to purchase goods from oversea suppliers. They have to analyse bids, negotiate prices and contractual terms and conditions with suppliers. They foster relationships with international vendors. He is also responsible for the products. Do they meet the expectations and quality standards? Furthermore, they ensure that the company's records are kept up to date.

Financial Controller

Financial Controller

Job requirements: very organised, work very thoroughly, deep understanding of finances, strategic thinker.

Financial Controllers are responsible for the books and records of a company. They are responsible for the cash flow management (e.g. optimization of investment, meet obligations), for internal controls, payrolls and taxation. Moreover, they are in charge of the financial strategy (e.g. risk minimization plans and opportunity forecasting) of the company.

What an MBA in International Business offers?

As you can see, there are many career options after having your MBA in International Business. I only mentioned some of them but there are a lot more. The prospects for the future are very good and there is always a demand for people taking on high positions in those sectors. In the end it is you, who has to decide which career option is the best for you.


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