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Building a brand on social media

Updated: 4 days ago

Author: Lenka Dzadonova

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Date of Publication: 20/11/2022

Building a brand and creating content for social media can be sometimes really tricky. It is really useful, though, at the beginning to focus on specific elements to get better results. Let's see what is good to know before we start.

Marketing strategy defines the process of planning, implementing and evaluating the company's vision and activities.

Have a clearly defined goal

Marketing strategy defines the process of planning, implementing and evaluating the company's vision and activities. It is the basis for doing business, because it represents a plan and steps on how to promote products and services. Thus, it helps you achieve your business or marketing goals.On the other hand, a social media strategy sets the direction for how we will communicate with clients or followers on social media. To be successful, it is necessary to maintain consistency and be based on a marketing strategy. Companies that have a social media strategy and regular control of their metrics have the opportunity to control and analyse their marketing activities. Therefore, based on this data, they can optimise in time and focus specifically on the activities that bring them the best results.

The most common goals of marketing on social network

  • Raising awareness

  • Achieving more sales

  • Building relationships or online community - brands

Determining the ideal customer

After determining the goal, it is necessary to define your market and your potential customers. The more detailed description of the target group a company has, the better it can adapt its marketing communications.It’s an essential part to understand what attracts the target group and why they use social networks. This is because we get valuable information about the successful implementation of the social media strategy.

Correct segmentation and targeting

These are key factors in marketing, and therefore it is necessary to know the answers to questions such as:

  • What problem does the customer have?

  • What is the reason for the purchase?

  • What are his expectations from the product or service?

  • What could deter him from buying?

  • What is his social status, gender, age, education, profession?

  • What are his interests, income, preferences or values?

Social network audit - KPI analysis

There are many KPIs, so when creating a plan, companies should choose a few data points to focus on. Afterwards, based on them, they are able to compare growth, uncover opportunities, and improve and streamline social media marketing activities as much as possible. In particular, social media KPIs are measurable metrics that reflect the performance of activities on social Social media audit - KPI analysis. These indicators are also useful decision-making tools, because thanks to them we can monitor the performance of activities. Moreover, based on them, we might change decisions and thus improve performance. The largest networks such as Instagram or Facebook offer detailed information about the published content. So, thanks to this information we can analyse the marketing activities, campaigns or advertisements carried out.

Basic KPIs

The basic KPIs monitored on social networks include:

  • Rate of audience growth - measures the speed at which the following of a brand on a social network increases.

  • Reach - a media analysis metric that represents the number of users who saw a particular piece of content on a social platform. It can be organic, that is, without paid promotion, and paid reach with the help of paid advertising.

  • Impressions - represent the number of ad views. If there are more impressions than reach, it means that some people saw the post more than once.

  • Engagement rate - it’s a collective term that describes the actions that users can perform when interacting with your content. Actually, interactions show how many users reacted to the advertisement by commenting on the post. They might have saved the content, visited the profile or responded to the story or like reactions as well.

Creating engaging content at a specific time

For companies, creating relationships with customers isn’t about constantly promoting their products and services. In fact, it is about educating and providing information. They have to be valuable to the customer or they have to entertain and stick in the minds of followers.

Creating reports is necessary for analysing the performance of the strategy and the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.


Creating reports is necessary for analysing the performance of the strategy and the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Marketing reports are a process of measuring progress, showing value and identifying steps to improve marketing effectiveness. In fact, they show the current state or development of a company.

To sum up there are a lot of things that you should focus on but with the right plan, segmentation and targeting it can work. You should focus on some specific metrics which will show you if your marketing communication is working or you should change something. Don’t forget that your content should be entertaining and interesting for your followers. Just try what works for your business and have fun !


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