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A Guide To Email Marketing

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

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Author: Seyedhamidreza Alavi

Date of Publication: 03/02/2023

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Nowadays creating email marketing campaigns isn’t as easy as it looks, especially if we expect them to bring results. Therefore, we are going to explain some of the most beneficial ways aimed at creating more effective email marketing campaigns. Probably we have heard of email marketing as one of the most effective ways of digital marketing but the fact is that less than 30% of marketers use it effectively. In fact, the good thing about this kind of marketing is that everyone can use it to their advantage. However, the knowledge of how to apply the right strategies which would bring good results alongside. By acquiring the following tips we can definitely make our emails stand out. As a result we will be able to create much more effective email marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing: Using powerful headlines

the importance of headlines

The first step for improving our emails is to make them quite exciting for the readers to get their attention. This can be done by playing with the subject lines and making them attractive enough. Recent research in this regard shows that almost 47% of email subscribers only decide to open emails based on the subject line. The research gets even more interesting when it figures that almost 69% of the subscribers will also report the emails as spam just by reading the headline. Knowing the fact that headlines play a crucial part in our email campaigns' success, we can focus more on the best subjects.

Be creative and highlight ‘Fear of missing out’ or FOMO

Using FOMO is a popular psychological principle among top marketers. It pursues the aim of making customers feel like they might lose something important. It’s been proven that using words such as ‘Urgent’, ‘Alert’, and ‘Important’ will help increase email open rates.

Raising curiosity

It’s very important to persuade customers to open your emails by evoking their sense of curiosity. That is why our headlines need to be written carefully. Therefore, they should provide people with a brief overview of email content that is valuable. Let’s have a look at an example here: “How to earn 5000$ from a 700$ client”. Obviously, this is one of those headlines that can easily drive people’s curiosity and force them to read the whole email.

The process of email personalization is important. for email marketing

Using personalization

The process of email personalization is far more important than you may think. It’s not enough to use your customer's or subscribers’ real names and call it personalized content. In fact, there is a need for more efforts in this aspect of email marketing. Recent research shows that almost 96% of subscribers receive wrong promotions through emails. This means the content on those emails wasn’t precisely personalized. Thus, personalisation in email marketing means that emails need to include relevant content for consumers.

In the end, marketing is all about strategy, and email marketing isn’t excluded. Of course, we should remember that none of the mentioned tips can 100% guarantee good results since there are many criteria involved. However, presenting an excellent product or service, knowing how to communicate it through emails, will help generate better overall work for our marketing goals.


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