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4 Reasons to wear Second-Hand Clothes for a Sustainable Future

Updated: Feb 6

The author Melike Guzin Erdem of the article:" 4 reasons to wear second hands clothes for a sustainable future"

Publication date: 08.09.2023

A lot has been written and drawn about sustainable fashion in recent years. All this was brought to the attention of consumers by research. While these studies are ongoing, we need a perspective that recognizes that we also have responsibilities as consumers and develops awareness. Some people don’t like to wear other people’s clothes, but there are actually many reasons why you should wear second-hand clothes.

1. Eco-Friendly

The clothing industry is a very wasteful industry. Considering the production process, the cost to the environment is too high. The beauty of buying second-hand clothes lies in preventing clothes from going to the trash. According to research, more than half of the products produced are thrown away in a short time. This puts the textile industry currently responsible for 92 million tons of waste per year.

This figure is expected to increase to 100 million and to 148 million tons by 2030. In addition to this burden, the recent Covid pandemic caused the 980 million canceled products in Bangladesh. While burning garbage here increases greenhouse gas emissions, it also paves the way for toxins to leak into the surrounding soil and water.

Clothing industry in a third world country

2. Social Responsibility

Many charities sell second-hand clothes to obtain resources. You can both donate clothes that you don't want and make up for your deficiencies. You will also support charity organizations.

Donating clothes to people or foundations makes you happier than if the clothes you no longer wear are in your closet. People around you who see you doing this can take an example from you and forgive their own clothes. So this order continues and your clothes are valued in other lives instead of going to the trash.

3. Economic

Does she like designer clothes, but your budget doesn't allow you to buy? You can buy quality and branded products very cheaply in many second-hand stores or on the Internet. When you want to shop from second-hand places, you may encounter things that will surprise you.

For example, you can buy clothes, bags, jewelry that you haven't seen in anyone at a much more affordable price and add them to your closet. This way, you will not exceed your budget and you can get more things.

4. Second-Hand Clothes are Sustainable

Have you ever thought about the pressure that clothes that you haven't worn in your wardrobe for years are putting on you? Do not take time to store and care for clothes that you do not wear.

Dispose of these clothes and relax, refresh yourself. You will feel that a great burden has been lifted from you. By donating or selling clothes that you don't wear, you enable people to meet their needs. This way, you will be able to reuse your clothes. You will give them life again.

If we want this to have a lasting impact, it may be wise to examine the psychological reasons as well as the sensitive reasons for people's choices. After all, people mostly make purchases for emotional reasons, as their advertisers say. At the very beginning of emotional reasons, there is “renewal”.

The concept of the hand seems to be exactly the opposite of this perception of renewal. We can still change this perception. We should be able to put the view that nature needs to be renewed to meet our needs in front of the illusion of human renewal with clothes.

Then we can take a respectful stance to the planet.

Donate or sell second-hands clothes

Our future is in our hands

By shopping second-hand, you encourage the use of second-hand. People around you also take care to shop second-hand by taking you as an example.It doesn't matter that second-hand items have a small place in our closet. it will still make a big difference to be aware and an example.


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