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15 benefits of blogging for business in 2023

Updated: Jan 31

The author Andrei Cioloboc of the article:" 15 benefits of blogging for business in 2023".

Publication date: 05.10.2023

Why is blogging crucial for a business?

A recent study shows that just over 70% of consumers online would rather find interest in a company through their blogs instead of ads. As blogging can promote your service and build trust with potential customers, it can also drive website traffic which gains popularity.

Here are 15 benefits that blogging can have for a business in 2023.

1. Gives the readers a perspective on who you are as a company

Blogs give your customers a view on who you are on a more personal side as a business. By showing this, you can build more credibility and gain more trust from your audience. This will help you stand out from your competitors, giving you the edge in the market.

2. Increases your SEO on Google

Being seen first on Google is a big step in getting as much exposure as possible. SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is the number one way of achieving this. Actually, an easy way of doing this is by using key words and phrases within your text. At the same time, you can also talk about your business, helping with your exposure.

3. Makes you more credible to the public

Showing that you have an expertise on a certain topic will earn a customer’s trust. If you share your knowledge by interacting with others and answering questions, it will be a very good method to do this. Therefore, demonstrating your expertise makes you more credible and trustworthy in your brand.

4. Drives traffic to your website

By constantly adding blogs to your website, it will keep it updated all the time. With every blog added, you have one more opportunity to drive traffic to your website, while increasing your SEO.

5. Use social media to reuse blog content

Creating new blogs makes new content that people can share on social media. This exposes your company to brand new audiences. By doing this, a stronger bond is created between your social media channels and your blog content, making it a win-win situation.

Blogging is crucial for business

6. Generates long-term results

Since the internet is never-ending, your blogs will always be present for anyone to see. The blogs can always generate views, no matter for how long they’ve been on the internet. So if a blog is less successful than another, never lose hope as it can always “blow up”.

7. Become market-leader in your sector

The more credibility you gain in the market, the more customers you will have, simply. By posting useful content regularly, you can become a main source of information for the public, which will lead to more traffic and conversions.

8. Can help build an email list

When providing your personal contact information in a blog, you can alternatively offer an email newsletter to which your readers can subscribe to. Once subscribed, they can receive regular emails and keep up with every blog you upload.

9. Promote your services and products

If you create content that shows what your company is offering and the benefits of it, you can find potential customers. Including these features in some of your blog articles without being too intrusive, can catch a reader’s attention. As a result, they persuade them to check out your company.

10. Educate your customers

Blogs are the perfect place to teach potential customers interesting information about a topic you are interested in. By showing that you are engaged and invested in a specific topic, the audience will also be more invested and eager to learn about it.

11. Create an extra way to earn money

Beside attracting and educating customers, blogs can also make you some extra revenue. You can do this by offering premium content or courses with a subscription. Another way is to monetize ads and promote affiliate products.

Blog can make you earn money

12. Being different to your competition

If you are in a market with high levels of competition, being different and unique can help your company stand out. Blogging is a really good way to do this as you can showcase your perspectives and expertise, and show that you are more superior to your competitors.

13. Collaborate with other companies

Working together with a company that has similar views can mutually help both parties grow. For example, creating content that is relevant to both businesses will help you reach new audiences. However, the partner needs to have similar values and content as you so you can engage both sides.

14. Can allow your business to keep up with current trends

By researching new topics and ideas for your blogs, you can stay up to date with all the latest trends in the sector that you are writing about. This allows you to be aware of all new technologies and advances, making you a more credible source to the internet.

15. Shows that you are committed to your work and business

Uploading daily, or even weekly blogs will show the customer that you are invested in the work you do and want to rise and grow as a company. Since all this information will most likely be free, it will be appreciated by any customer that finds it online.

Final Thoughts

Taking into consideration all these benefits of blogging, we can clearly agree that it is beneficial to use blogs in 2023. Whether you want to generate more leads, make partnerships or play the long term game blogging is something everyone should consider.


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