Well-integrated people!
Secret Santa at Vision Factory :)
Miroslav & Baris during Secret Santa
Christmas social meeting
Chiara from Italy
Work on Linkedin
Buse from Turkey :)
Ioanna's doing great work
International team
Video creation
Summer internship 2019
Project management development
Hamburger Integration
Richard from Nicaragua
Night out
Social media & Facebook ads course
team work
Interns exploring Barcelona
Multinational environment
Dusan from Slovenia
Office Vision Factory
Vision Factory party night
Drink as much as you want :)
Group work
Donna & her new friend
Administrative support
Financial markets analysis
Entrance to Vision Factory
office desk
Oguz & Luca
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Well-integrated people!

At Vision Factory we believe that well-established relations will have a positive impact on your success. Once you establish new relations, you have to take care of them. These people definitely know how to do this. No doubts, this is well-integrated group that will stay a part of Vision Factory community forever! :)