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Barcelona, Spain         


Discounted price: €285

Language of the course: English

Social media marketing is an extremely popular form of internet marketing that uses social media as a marketing tool. There are significant opportunities for promotion through Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and blogs, but no doubts that Facebook is one of the most popular online social media services that people use for promoting their businesses.


If you want to reach more people with your website, posts, events or applications, there’s nothing better than Facebook Ads.


Social media used in the right way can build a strong relationship with your clients.

Social network campaigns are an amazing way to increase brand popularity, increase the number of customers and achieve better sales results. Reach your clients, gain their attention and achieve your online success today.

This SOCIAL MEDIA & FB ADS COURSE is held at our office in Barcelona, Spain.


​You will learn how to attract and reach more customers to your business, entering new markets with the potential to win new customers.  ​In less than one hour we help you to get started with creating your Facebook ads! Learn how to generate thousands of views on your video without any costs. Get to know tools supporting your social media campaigns. ​

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​Whether you own a small business already or are right at the beginning of founding your company, you are welcome to take part. Or do you want to upskill yourself with social media advertising? If you are interested in social media marketing, you are the right person for this course. ​​


  • ​Our Social Media and Facebook Ads course addresses everybody. In small groups, of no more than 10 participants, learning is not only easier but also more effective

  • Our course is designed and run by social media experts who have experience in managing social media campaigns for many organizations

  • All of our instructors have a diploma of higher education and certificates that prove their marketing expertise. Additionally, they are highly qualified in training adults

  • Our Training Center is located in one of the most famous cities in Europe, in Barcelona

  • The course lasts 5 hours, and you will be rewarded with a certificate after participation

  • During the course, we provide you with notes and support material for you to take home and free refreshments. 

"...On the first day, I participated in the Social media & Facebook ads course that was given by the company director. I found it very useful as I am very interested in digital marketing. The course helped me to refresh my knowledge and learn new things that for sure I will use for promoting my own business in the future..."

(One of the participants)



First steps in Social Media Marketing:

   1. Introduction to Social Media:

  • Definition of social media

  • Purpose of social media use

  • Image in social media, company image.

   2. Social media campaigns:

  • Campaign purpose

  • Campaign target group

  • Choice of communication channel: advertising to young, more than one channel

  • Content on your social media

   3. Facebook Marketing:

  • Company fan page on Facebook: how to create and manage your fan page, content, statistics, checking individual parameters in details

  • Facebook events


Facebook ads – paid promotion on Facebook:

   1. The first steps with Facebook ads:

  • Facebook business manager

  • How to ensure your data is 100 % accurate


   2. Creating top-performing Facebook ad campaigns:

  • Creating an audience

  • Choosing the right advertising objective

  • Finding your ideal customer

  • Grabbing people attention

  • Finalizing your Facebook ad creation


Tools and hacks:

  • Getting thousands of views to your posts on Facebook

  • Tools supporting Social Media campaigns



Carrer de la Vinya, 33 planta baja 

08041, Barcelona, Spain  

Thank you. We will get back to you within 48 hours.

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